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Diddy: “Gas prices are too muthafuckin’ high.”

Posted in Web Wednesday with tags , , , , on August 28, 2008 by oafhamper

More like, “This is gas price complaint number what, 12? Gas price complaint number 12”.  We get the damn idea that gas prices are too high, but you know it won’t change anytime soon.


It’s 5AM, and Madden 09 just glitched terribly.

Posted in General Updates with tags , , , , , , , on August 15, 2008 by oafhamper

I’ve seen alot of glitches in my time, but nothingis more terrible, stupid, and downright hilarious as this.

Ok so I’m returning a Punt as the Cowboys right? I fumble, and I don’t like that, so I do the EA Sports Rewind and in the middle of the rewind, the booth challenges the fumble, reversing the call! This led to Donovan McNabb and his O-line just standing there on the next play FROZEN COMPLETELY even if I have posession! Next thing you know my O-Line is not too far off, then suddenly the ball is shot off towards my offensive lineman and I run and get tackled. Confused by it, I rewinded it, ran the play (what you see here), and scored a fucking touchdown! My phone eventually didn’t have enough battery power to catch this weirdness in full, but you get the general idea seeing as the field is open.  This is horrible because now I have a touchdown scored by an offensive lineman, who caught a pass that shot straight up from the ground, meanwhile dodging the Eagles offensive line!

What the hell just happened?  Am I high? Am I drunk?  Did the porn I look at earlier corrupt my fragile little mind?  I don’t know, but what just happened needs to be fixed.  Which is ironic considering before I started this game, I downloaded the latest EA update for the game.  Go figure.

EDIT: As of Halftime, it says that the play was a rushing touchdown.  Wow.

Web Wednesday: “Uhh, that’s my penis…”

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Sagging your pants is not a good idea, no really… use this for evidence.

The Future Looks Pretty Interesting Now That We Can Have Pizza ANYWHERE

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So this is where our future of reliant, ease of technology is going. Pizza vending machines.

Has anybody ever really wanted this? I know continent I am about not having pizza vending machines, but hey. Whatever the public wants!

Apparently this is a major entry into the genre of the pizza on-the-go concepts. It has actually been done in the most popular “pizza popular” markets such as Chicago and New York, with local or no-name brands getting in on this idea. This is from popular frozen pizza brand Tombstone, ready to make your pizza in less than 2 minutes (wow!!). I hope this machine doesn’t malfunction and explode with hot cheese.

Priced at about 5 dollars per pizza, this is pretty new technology, but who knows when (or if) this technology will ever make its way mainstream and inevitably into dollar stores nationwide, with Pizza Hut getting its very own knockoff brother, Pizza Pavilion. Papa John’s might not be safe either. Enter: Papa Shawn’s.

With DVD rental booths having “vending” machines, the old reliable drink machines and now pizza machines. That is basically a weekend right there, and it’s no further than a trip to a grocery store entrance. Technology!

College Basketball Oddity

Posted in General Updates with tags , , , , , on March 25, 2008 by oafhamper

Last night the Ohio State Buckeyes Men’s Basketball team was suppose to face the California Golden Bears in an NIT Tournament game; NIT standing for “Not in Tournament.”

There was one problem however, Bruce Springsteen had a show to perform that night at the Buckeyes’ Value City Arena, so they went old school and played at the campus’ much smaller and more intimate St. John Arena, which hasn’t been used for basketball since 2004, and was actually regularly used from the ’60s until 1998. The volleyball team plays there, and basically they had to use white tape to put over the volleyball court. Sound confusing? Check the picture…

The Buckeyes won the game 73-56. Now if you excuse me, I have to figure out how babby is formed.