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It’s 5AM, and Madden 09 just glitched terribly.

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I’ve seen alot of glitches in my time, but nothingis more terrible, stupid, and downright hilarious as this.

Ok so I’m returning a Punt as the Cowboys right? I fumble, and I don’t like that, so I do the EA Sports Rewind and in the middle of the rewind, the booth challenges the fumble, reversing the call! This led to Donovan McNabb and his O-line just standing there on the next play FROZEN COMPLETELY even if I have posession! Next thing you know my O-Line is not too far off, then suddenly the ball is shot off towards my offensive lineman and I run and get tackled. Confused by it, I rewinded it, ran the play (what you see here), and scored a fucking touchdown! My phone eventually didn’t have enough battery power to catch this weirdness in full, but you get the general idea seeing as the field is open.  This is horrible because now I have a touchdown scored by an offensive lineman, who caught a pass that shot straight up from the ground, meanwhile dodging the Eagles offensive line!

What the hell just happened?  Am I high? Am I drunk?  Did the porn I look at earlier corrupt my fragile little mind?  I don’t know, but what just happened needs to be fixed.  Which is ironic considering before I started this game, I downloaded the latest EA update for the game.  Go figure.

EDIT: As of Halftime, it says that the play was a rushing touchdown.  Wow.


The Return of Epic Skate Bails (!!!)

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UPDATE: I just got neutured!

Cornshaq Presents Play It Through Uncut – Bad Street Brawler (NES); Exclusive to TFE

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Bad Street Brawler, created by unknown “Beam Software” and published by Mattel and Mindscape, Inc. back in the good ol’ days of 1987 was one of the first ever video games in the “beat ’em up” class, and boy does that show. In this latest, exclusive video to TFE, Cornshaq plays through this game full of insane glitches and unintentional hilarity. Just watch as you glitch-walk yourself through waves of enemies while rocking the latest in fashions that the blind and deaf can get behind!

The game even was designed for some Power Glove action, so that pretty much writes its fate right there. How did the game fair in the harsh, real world? Not good, not good. Seriously, this game is bad, but luckily it is at least hilariously bad. Ever wanted a game with a molesting move as an attack? Now you have it! Excited yet?

Aside from beating up oddball pedestrians and gorillas in questionable ways, this game is not worth much of anything at all, let alone your money and time. But hey, you aren’t playing it — he is! He will gladly show you the “quirks” of this game by playing it in full whilst highlighting the game’s worst and even worser qualities, just by clicking that sideways triangle on the movie player! Enjoy!

Be sure to check out his YouTube page for more videos not yet released in full versions here on TFE. More are coming soon so be on the lookout!

Tactical Humping Action

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Mass Effect, Massive Glitch

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Get that clever titling for this post?

Anyway, I’ve been playing a lot of Mass Effect recently. Amazing game, one of the best I’ve ever played by far. However, that isn’t to say it’s perfect, as the game is prone to glitching.

Earlier on in the game (when I first arrived at the Citadel), the game completely froze me in a static position. My ending solution? Reload the game. It didn’t take me back too far, but now I know to not step in glue when I walk.

Anticipate no more, as PyroHazard himself is posting an exclusive, highly in-depth review and analysis of Grand Theft Auto IV tomorrow.

Epic Skate Bails! – March 20, 2008

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Right as you see the black platform move closer and closer you begin to think, “noooooooo!” Then boom, it happens. Credit goes to timo1811.

Epic Skate Bails! – Cartwheel of Doom

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It finally happened to me!