Fresh Prince of Gotham City

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spoonbank is awesome.


Madden 09 released today!

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In honor of the 20th anniversary of this game coming out, I present to you a montage of hilarious proportions from Madden ’92 which me and the fellow writers for this site laugh at every now and then, also if there is no Web Wednesday then this is it right here, folks.

P.S., I got my Collectors Edition copy on the midnight release.

Unexpected Song Lyrics III

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Slipknot makes a triumphant return into the unexpected lyrical spotlight with this latest issue, along with a song from a totally similar band: Creedence Clearwater Revival.

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The Return of Epic Skate Bails (!!!)

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UPDATE: I just got neutured!

5.8 Magnitude Earthquake in Los Angeles, Judge Judy style!

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The best part about this entire video is the fact that the Plaintiff and Defendant just stand there, with barely any reaction to the quake. If anybody is wondering about the site’s lack of updates, just please stick with us, there will still be new, original written content added here regularly!

If this video somehow doesn’t do anything, or justice (HA!) for you, then maybe this next video will after the jump, which features groundbreaking (LOL) candid footage of people in the July 29th quake! Continue reading

Cutting through the ignorance

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So I’ve been weighing my thoughts for over a month, and I’ve come to a conclusion. And not just any conclusion, either. But a conclusion that the mere mention of which, I’m fairly sure, is going to piss off a good number of people who don’t want to listen to logic, and is going to get me cheers from people who didn’t care about logic to begin with. I should note that I’ll be glad to respond to all instances of these types of reactions with a good old fashioned middle finger and a scowl. But if you’re someone with a mind that’s open to reason and logic, maybe you’ll understand why I’m going on record with the following statement. I’m glad George Carlin is dead.

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Snake had a bad dream but that’s nothing…

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From Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.