FAQ and About Us

Here are some frequently asked questions that you might want some answers to:

Q: What is “The Full Effect”?

A: A site about practically anything, presenting entertainment and information in all ways, all about regular and differencing updates for the sole purpose to keep people entertained and interested. So, in other words, the Full Effect is an effort and collaboration of many people who cover a broad spectrum of topics like articles relevant to gaming, culture, sports and to pictures of pillowy mounds of mashed potatoes that vaguely resemble the second coming of Christ.

You’ll find consistency with the staff of writers routines of posting articles and features that are comedic or just damn interesting. If we see something cool, we won’t hesitate to share it.

Q: What are some of the features and shows on the site?

A: Apart from the occasional referral to an obscure fetish site, we have segments and features that cover numerous topics. Articles, reviews, features and videos are the mainstay of what TFE is all about. New features are added regularly to keep things mixed up. From editorials to videos, we cover all grounds.

While we base our content and features off a lot of sporadic ideas that come to mind, we do have a contingent release cycle for what updates we have to do.

For regular features, you can expect comedy articles, reviews and opinion pieces. On Wednesdays is “Web Wednesday,” where content from the internet not done by us is featured, usually a video.

Some particular article series that you’ll see often are “Bad Sports,” a look at the more horrible and hilarious sides of American past times. Another set of updates are “The Internet Greats,” highlights of the lows of the side of the internet dealing with people, and “Blunders of Humankind,” presenting some things that humans created or invented that really just serve no meaningful purpose.

New features are being created all the time, so stay tuned to the site to watch the list of site features continue to grow.

Q: Do you update every day?

A: While we enjoy off-days like anybody else, we try to keep the site updated daily, and oftentimes, more than once daily (although sometimes things may come up and change the scheduling).

Q: What are some of your partnerships?

A: As of now for partnerships, we have one with Cornshaq, host and creator of the Play It Through and Game Music Appreciation Theater series of videos to post exclusive content and episodes on the site. More are coming to present their programs or features on our site in the future. A full archive of all episodes, uncut, are coming to the site in a while.

If you have a program or website you want us to feature on the site, let us know and we’ll see what we can work out!

We accept affiliations and partnerships with anyone! Just email spegg7@yahoo.com with the link to your website and description with an image banner if you have one and give us a link back on your site with the following link button:

And just like that, you have a partnership with TFE!

Q: Is there any way I can contribute to TFE’s plan of global domination? How can I help?

A: Sure! Send us your videos, your reviews, your Photoshops or anything else you want. To help, advertising for us would be greatly appreciated (and likely the best thing you can do for us); it’d be crucial to our growth and expansion.

More questions will be answered when they come up.

We thank you for checking out our site and hope you will continue to come!

Send me an email if you have any questions, opinions, you name it, I’ll be interested in what you have to say. If you want to join the staff of writers, contribute video programs or just have some links you want posted, you can also send me an email at that address with the details. We want to be bigger than any other WordPress blog, we want to be more and you can help us grow!


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