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Review: Diary of the Dead

Posted in Features, Site Related with tags , , , , , , on April 27, 2008 by pyrohazard

Diarrhea of the Dead

(contains minor spoilers)

I wanted to do a review of the Pang brother’s 2006 film, Re-Cycle but unfortunately I couldn’t find the damn thing so I just fell back onto the next best thing: another zombie flick. A Romero flick, no less. Fans of Romero lately have kind of grown cankerous. Especially since Romero’s last effort, Land of the Dead, divided hardcore fans and critics alike. Will the latest Dead flick follow the trend? Find out after the jump…

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TFE Gamercard!

Posted in Features, General Updates, Site Related with tags , , , , on April 3, 2008 by pyrohazard

You heard it right, folks. The kind souls of MyGen have introduced a program to create your own gamercard. Sounds awesome, right? Now you can make your own gamercard to essentially pimp out your blog site to the unwilling public! *ahem*

I have taken the liberty to do just that and came up with this abomination masterpiece. Remember, you can only get this gamercard here on the Full Effect and on MyGen. Show it to your friends, foes, spouses, and all of those surburban gangstas on your MySpace friends list and be the talk of the town!

Instructions: Register your gamertag on and follow the instructions given to you.

Afterwards, click on the gamercard above and go to the gamercard’s profile, copy the URLs given to you that correspond with where your posting it. Make sure you put your Xbox Live gamertag in the “INSERT-GAMERTAG” sections in the URL.

This will only work if your gamertag is registered and validated on the MyGen website but hey, least you can wear the TFE insignia proudly!

Expect a new movie review from me soon and a new Open Mic this Saturday!

A Fresh Start

Posted in Site Related with tags , , , , on March 17, 2008 by thefulleffect

To keep our content original, we’re running a bit of a maintenance on what will be expected to be posted and when. Here’s an outlook of a typical TFE week:

Sunday: Latest episode of the Audio Show is posted

Monday-Tuesday: Original featured content

Wednesday: “Web Wednesday,” where the cool content from the Internet is featured on the site

Thursday-Saturday: Original featured content and a likely off-day in between this time

We’ll keep things active around here even in days that might be slow, so this is just a guideline of what to expect. Just stay with us and you’ll enjoy the ride! If you have any suggestions feel free to let us know.


What Can You Expect from the Full Effect?

Posted in General Updates, Site Related with tags , on March 13, 2008 by thefulleffect

All right, so obviously you clicked on the link that talks about what TFE is and what its all about, so what can you expect from the site? We aren’t a clone of popular websites or blogs, we’re here to remind you that in a world full of user-driven content, it can be popularized and published on a site consistent in what it promises to bring. Fresh, new content, as well as a site that features the best of the best.

Just a list for starters… content will be regularly wrote out, thought of and posted, but here are some planned features you can come to know and expect from the staff at the Full Effect:

The Full Effect (Audio Program) – The (almost) weekly audio program hosted by Stephen and Cody (PyroHazard). This isn’t just rehashing what is on the site, rather a whole new world of content exclusive to the program. Generally posted on Sundays, you’ll be entertained throughly and love it.

Features/TFE Presents… – Exclusive content or updates from the staff or affiliated/featured acts at the Full Effect.

Reviews – just as the name suggests, reviews will be a regularly posted part of the site. We know out of all places to get reviews, why come here? We make reviews interesting. Don’t expect reviews of just major titles… we’ll make it interesting, we promise.

Epic Skate Bails! – Bails, glitches and catastrophes from the physics-driven game Skate. from EA.

Bad Sports – The worst of America’s past time.

Web Wednesday – Content posted from the internet worth a look that we didn’t make.

These and many more will be standard features on the site, as well as original and fresh “one-timers.” Who knows what will make the final cut on the site? We want to thank you for checking us out, and hope you stick around for the remainder of the time! If you have any links you want to sure, ideas or if you want to work on the site, let us know!

Spread the word by putting either one of these on your MySpace, site or blog!