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The Open Mic Episode 3 – Multi Profundus de Glitches

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So, so much to say after one week off. The guys run down the news on the site’s front, including a little recap of the past few weeks on the site. This time, though, a true feature to the show! The Open Mic is introducing “Partner Reviews,” a review system in which the host reviewing the game reviews it based upon the other hosts’ questions or comments about the game.

Sound interesting? We think so, as Stephen manages to rant off heavily about the utter disaster of a game, Lost: Via Domus. With so many flaws, glitches and the inevitable licensed-based game curse, how exactly does this game fair and just how bad is it? You’ll just have to listen for yourself to find out!

Also included are the usuals, including the Pipeline and Around the World, but you already knew that.


The Full Effect Presents “The Open Mic,” Episode 2 – March Madnessin’

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Audio download (via MegaUpload)

Formally entitled “The Full Effect Audio Show,” the show got a rename! Same show, new name. “The Open Mic” is here as the name for our show, less generic, more XTREME!! With that, we’re now allowing you to stream the show “live” on the site instead of having to download it in order to listen.

On the show Stephen and Cody discuss the NCAA basketball annual event, March Madness as well as go over their usuals, the Pipeline and Around the World in 5 Minutes, along with some other surprises along the way. For the links to the March Madness results so far and the “worlds worst criminal” (as discussed in the show), click the page jump. Excuse the audio quality as well as you can, we were under some difficult recording situations and did the best we could; it’ll be better next week I promise.

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“It’s Here” – The First Episode of the Full Effect Audio Show!

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Download it right here!

Took a while, but it’s time for the first episode, just in time for the end of the weekend! On the show, Stephen and Cody (PyroHazard) introduce the website and run down what it’s all about and what you can expect from the future; including a test of Cody’s knowledge of video game music, a microwaved hand and a kid who drives to Applebee’s!

Remember, since it’s on MegaUpload, you’ll need to input the passcode when it asks for it.