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Unexpected Song Lyrics III

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Slipknot makes a triumphant return into the unexpected lyrical spotlight with this latest issue, along with a song from a totally similar band: Creedence Clearwater Revival.

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The Return of Epic Skate Bails (!!!)

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UPDATE: I just got neutured!

Cornshaq Presents: Play It Through Uncut – Batman (NES)

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Just when you thought we wouldn’t grasp at a chance for another popularity tie-in with the new Batman movie coming out in a few weeks, The Dark Knight, you came here and saw Cornshaq himself give a playthrough of the “classic” Batman NES game! The always appropriately-titled “Colon: The Video Game” name treatment scores another for licensed games everywhere.

Just plain honesty here from us and Cornshaq, there’s no other possible explanation for this to be picked to be played other than a tie-in; sure the game is not great, but it’s not really horrible either. So that makes it strictly unnotable, right? Maybe, but there’s still some bit of fun to be had. For some background information, the game was made by Sunsoft in 1989 and is loosely based upon the Burton-movie of the same name. It’s fairly interesting to note that the game was released to numerous consoles, but all versions were different from each other.

… Is all of this really that interesting? Can you explain why Batman seemingly fires off a gun? I sure can’t! We’ll just sign off this entry as “moderately informative” while Corn handles the rest of the info about the game.

Has there ever really been a great Batman game? Because this game here sure doesn’t meet that criteria. Maybe LEGO Batman will change the opinions there being no great Batman games. Or maybe it’s just another templated LEGO game with subpar controls? We will just have to wait and see.

Just check out that “Robin” search tag, now that’s a reach. Someone is going to be confused when they are searching for birds or tips for robbing banks when they end up finding this entry. Oh well, enjoy the video, bird-enthusiasts and criminals!

More articles from yours truly and others are coming soon to the site, so don’t worry about that. So just stick with us and be patient if you could, you’ll be satisfied!

Horrible Album Covers

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Every once in a while you come across album covers (or any cover art) that are just so horrible that they absolutely rule; then again, however, some of them just make you scratch your head and wonder what the hell they were thinking. “So bad it’s good” might not apply to some of the worst of the worst.

In this article I will shine some light on some of the worst and most horribly hilarious and awful album covers that I know of. You just might feel every single emotion from “lol” to “facepalm.”

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Cornshaq Presents Play It Through Uncut – Bad Street Brawler (NES); Exclusive to TFE

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Bad Street Brawler, created by unknown “Beam Software” and published by Mattel and Mindscape, Inc. back in the good ol’ days of 1987 was one of the first ever video games in the “beat ’em up” class, and boy does that show. In this latest, exclusive video to TFE, Cornshaq plays through this game full of insane glitches and unintentional hilarity. Just watch as you glitch-walk yourself through waves of enemies while rocking the latest in fashions that the blind and deaf can get behind!

The game even was designed for some Power Glove action, so that pretty much writes its fate right there. How did the game fair in the harsh, real world? Not good, not good. Seriously, this game is bad, but luckily it is at least hilariously bad. Ever wanted a game with a molesting move as an attack? Now you have it! Excited yet?

Aside from beating up oddball pedestrians and gorillas in questionable ways, this game is not worth much of anything at all, let alone your money and time. But hey, you aren’t playing it — he is! He will gladly show you the “quirks” of this game by playing it in full whilst highlighting the game’s worst and even worser qualities, just by clicking that sideways triangle on the movie player! Enjoy!

Be sure to check out his YouTube page for more videos not yet released in full versions here on TFE. More are coming soon so be on the lookout!

Unexpected Song Lyrics II

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Every once in a while when you start up a song that you haven’t heard in a while or you listen to a new song that is just put out, there are times when you think to yourself, “wait, did they really say that?!”. This causes you go and search for the lyrics in the CD booklet or on the internet; then you will go back and listen to the section of the song over in hopes to figure out if they are really saying what you think they are saying.

Some of these cases are, in fact, just your mind playing with you. At the same time, though, you just might be on to something. After all, they are artists and there is always the possibility that they are trying to put something unexpected out there and are covering it up with different word usage and similar sounding phrases.

In this edition of Unexpected Song Lyrics: we have a couple of Metallica issues that I want to go over, Judas Priest and Shinedown’s fluffs in their latest CDs that were released, a symbolic cry for help from the biggest hair metal band ever Poison and finally, a song that has endless possibilities. What are you waiting for?

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The Internet Greats – More Than Better Than Before

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Come aboard another journey across the multidimensional posts straight from chatrooms, forums or oddities themselves worthy to be entitled as a true Internet Great. This edition is a welcome back from the vile ALF forum and is back to shape. Did you long for these days again? No more posts about ALF dropping soap any more!

Bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed.

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