“See what had happen was…a sniper came…”

The reason there’s not much going on here is because we’re going to do a relaunch in the Winter of sorts, or something.  WordPress is ass, you can’t edit the layout, and…it’s just ass seriously that’s about it. The site admin got locked out of his account, and if it hadn’t of happened there’d probably be more posts here.  As a lazy person, I tried to keep this place going.  So yeah, there will be an update.

As you can clearly see, I’ve been completely busy dialing 1-900-BITCHZ instead of posting here.  Sorry about that. I have been given a message from and I quote “The Man” and he says “TFE is not dead, it will be back and further info will be posted here as it comes. It won’t be long, and we all thank you for continuing the support for the site!” So yeah, put on your seatbelt or sit in Shia Lebouf’s lap to wear the seatbelt because this is going to be an awesome adventure, you hear me?  An Adventure!


One Response to ““See what had happen was…a sniper came…””

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