Unexpected Song Lyrics III

Slipknot makes a triumphant return into the unexpected lyrical spotlight with this latest issue, along with a song from a totally similar band: Creedence Clearwater Revival.


1. Wait and Bleed by Slipknot; from the album “Slipknot.” Click Here to Listen

May I ask…Who is Michelle? He is saying, “Inside Michelle I wait and bleed” right? If I ever get a chance to meet Corey Taylor, I will have to ask him about the history of his person and why they fit into the song; it will be at least very interesting!


2. Liberate by Slipknot; from the album “Slipknot.” Click Here to Listen

So this song was also featured on the first edition of unexpected song lyrics; Listen here to hear him yell about liberating bananas.

In this new clip from the song, we hear him say “sexin’ on myself.” So, when you take into consideration how it is the next sung lyric after the barrage of the liberation of fresh bananas, it makes me wonder what the hell the song is really about. Liberate bananas, sexin’ on myself? All right…

I guess I’ll have to listen to the song even MORE closely and try to crack this code.


3. No Life by Slipknot; from the album “Slipknot.” Click Here to Listen

MORE Slipknot?!

I agree with this lyric whole-heartily, “No time to fly.” Sure, it might not be exactly “misheard” but think about how true it is to the current date of affairs: with all the extra security measures and the high prices, this is definitely no time to fly. Stay home and save your money for something useful.

Another reason I love this meaningful lyric is the timelessness of it. The album Iowa was written in 2001, and this bit of philosophy still stands firm today. Whether it be from fears of terrorist activities or the extra price in the ticket…just don’t freakin’ fly.

And on a side note. So far we are liberating bananas inside Michelle (while bleeding) and declaring that it is no time to fly…

What else is in this damn CD?!


4. People = Shit by Slipknot; from the album “Iowa.” Click Here to Listen

So…people = shit…but “London’s all right”? K. This CD is weird as hell.

5. Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival; from the album “Bayou Country.” Click Here to Listen

I’m guessing John Fogery has alot of illegitimate kids in New Orleans if he “humped a lot of things” down there. Maybe he should have played for the NBA? It would have fit right in!

Hell they can make a SNBA: Senior National Basketball Association. Cheap shot and joke, but tell me it wouldn’t be hilarious with a straight face.

Announcer: “Fogerty to Kemp for the dunk!”


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