Cutting through the ignorance

So I’ve been weighing my thoughts for over a month, and I’ve come to a conclusion. And not just any conclusion, either. But a conclusion that the mere mention of which, I’m fairly sure, is going to piss off a good number of people who don’t want to listen to logic, and is going to get me cheers from people who didn’t care about logic to begin with. I should note that I’ll be glad to respond to all instances of these types of reactions with a good old fashioned middle finger and a scowl. But if you’re someone with a mind that’s open to reason and logic, maybe you’ll understand why I’m going on record with the following statement. I’m glad George Carlin is dead.

As I type this, part of me wonders just how many people are going to throw comments at me without clicking that break. Just how many people are going to take my statement, smear their preconceptions all over it without reading any of my reasoning behind it, and spew their opinions all over me? Then the rest of me screams out “Fuck all of them!” and I feel at ease again. I think a special “fuck you” should go out to the supposed Carlin fans that I’m pretty sure are going to send me messages full of misspelled death threats and accusations regarding my sexuality because of that one italicized sentence. And that same “fuck you” goes for the people that condemn Carlin because of his foul mouth and “take no shit” attitude. So here it is.


Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’m going to talk a little bit about George Carlin and why I made that statement regarding my feelings after his death. I’m not going to talk about the ins and outs of his life before he started performing, nor am I going to link to his comedy material or anything like that. I’m going to talk about what I’m always going to remember about him. And the main thing that I’m always going to remember about Carlin is that he was smart. In fact, he was smart in more ways than one. First his mind was able to cut through the blinding fog of ignorance that blankets way too many of the world’s people, and form his own thoughts and ideas. That’s impressive right there, but that’s not all. He was also smart enough to figure out that the best way to get others to open their eyes to all the bullshit around them and to start thinking on their own without regard for what the world has been hypnotized into thinking is “appropriate” was by making them laugh at a basic, angry, visceral level that the common man is able to comprehend. As a side note to this aspect of his intelligence, he also figured out that this kind of comedy is a great way to let off steam, yell obscenities, and make a pretty good living at the same time.

I’m willing to bet that by this point you’re wondering why, seeing as I clearly have a great deal of respect for George Carlin, am I glad that he’s dead? The answer is simple enough; Because I want his messages and his way of thinking to spread. Think about it for a minute. Who are the people that have bought cd’s, dvd’s, books, calendars, and everything else that Carlin put his hand to? The majority of the products went into the hands of people who were already fans of his, people who are already familiar with his way of thinking and are willing to take the grains of wisdom sprinkled in amongst his jokes to heart. At least I hope they’re willing to do such. But what about the uninitiated? What about the people who brushed him off as just another ranting comedian? Sad as it may be, geniuses are rarely appreciated to the degree they should be in their own lifetime. I don’t know what it is about a person dying, but something about it causes a little switch in a lot of peoples’ brains to trip and they suddenly think that maybe they should give some attention to the work that the dead person did before they cashed in their chips.

That’s why I’m glad George Carlin is dead. Because now that he’s not around anymore, I’m hoping that a hell of a lot more of the population will stop dismissing him as “that angry comedian” and give some of his stuff a chance. See, as much as old George made us laugh, he also handed out good advice about not falling in with the mundane and letting the government and big business do all your thinking for you. I think that he’d want more people to cut through that fog of ignorance like he did, and just maybe get things to the point where the smart people outnumber the ignorant just for a change of pace.

Granted, I could have made my thoughts on the matter known in a manner that would be more “respectful” looking from the outside in. But I’m thinking there’s a chance, slim as it may be, that making that blunt statement in italics before the break will draw peoples’ attention to this better than starting out with a boring-ass eulogy for the guy. And that’s one of the lessons that Carlin taught his fans in no uncertain terms: “Take a fucking chance!


One Response to “Cutting through the ignorance”

  1. ramburgler Says:

    There is no way in hell I can’t agree with you on every level. Sadly enough, though, there will never come a time when intellectuals out number the ignorant. It’s tragic but expected of the human race. And it will be no surprise to me if ignorance is the reason we’re wiped off the face of the motherfucking Earth. That’s why I stopped caring about other peoples’ “opinions”. They think their opinion should matter as much as they do.

    Sorry if I got a little off course there, but I have ranted about shit like this for a few years now. Never getting the one chance to let it out where it won’t leave me with half my face numb and/or bleeding, pointlessly insulted, and possibly mugged.

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