Chuck Norris Bustin’ Heads in the Mushroom Kingdom

If it’s any indication by now, World 1-1 of the original Mario Bros has been the subject of many tributes, parodies, and maybe even horribly bad slash fiction. We can also attribute tributes, parodies, and bad slash fiction to the one and only Chuck Norris. Two years ago, he was the center of the infamous Chuck Norris facts. The meme is long and dead now and any attempt to resurrect it will cause general disdain from your internet-savvy friends and forever be branded as “that guy.”

With that said though, Chuck Norris will forever be in our hearts and minds as the dude who can kick your ass and this apparent freeware demo of him giving the Mushroom Kingdom a new asshole is evident of that fact. Who knew we, as civil-minded people, can take utter joy of chainsawing goombas until they fly off the screen.

You can download the demo version of the game here.


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