T-Shirts That Make the World a Better Place

In a world dominated by two upstanding citizens named Abercrombie and Fitch or Mr. Republic, Banana you are pretty secure in the vast market of t-shirts. If you want “A&E” embroidered on your chest, or somewhere near your armpits, you are nicely met to in response with a 50 dollar price tag. Small price to pay in order to let the people know you support these two in all of their endeavors in the great T-Shirt Playoffs™.

That isn’t to say there isn’t a competive market out there. Yes, as you know, clothing is a business too and for every Honey Nut Cheerios t-shirt, there is bound to be 13 different variations of a t-shirt with a number attractively screenprinted somewhere on it. Say your favorite number isn’t 22? Too bad. You’re stuck.

For all of these t-shirts, who has time to wear them all? The prices of these new-fangled concepts of clothing range from hobo to astronaut, so everyone is inclined to share their favorite reunion tour on their chests. Maybe you second guessed your decision to purchase an official concert shirt for a band that toured before you were even born — or maybe not.

The point is, thanks to this article, you’ll now have choices on which t-shirts can meet your tough expectations if you want a little different style or look compared to everyone else out there… at a low cost, too! These can make everyone happy as it’s true that everyone can find something to like about these designs. You’ll laugh, smile, cry and then feel like investing into a stock market thanks to these t-shirts. The powers of art are astonishing.

Oh, and before anybody tries to get smart with me, these shirts are actually real, and where did I get them to show you? That’s just between me and me.

M&M’s Are Shittin’ You Stoned T-Shirt: $9.99

This shit is funny as shit! SHIT THIS SHIT IS FUNNY! Oh man those M&M dudes are sooo stoned man, this shit is shittin’ me shittily.

I wonder if this t-shirt will be dated in 2059 when these so-called “Baked M&M’s” are not so new any more. Are Baked M&M’s able to stand the test of time like microwaves or Virtual Boys? I’m going to guess with “firehose” significance.


Gremlin Tells It How It Is: $7.99 (ON SALE!)

Finally, a t-shirt I can relate to! This idea was one of many that happened to pass their brutal cutting room floor, so don’t take just any weed-smoking gremlin saying “light up!” for granted. Ideas that failed are Scooby Doo saying “Goldwater for ’64” and Denzel Washington captioned screaming “RATS! EVERYWHERE!”

At this cheap discount, there is no reason you aren’t wearing this at people’s houses.


Another Cartoon Character Displaying Vulgarity: $14.99

This is the most expensive of the bunch, but is also what I feel is the best and most true representation of a cartoon character-to-shirt likeness to date. It’s like the really hardcore version of Yosemite Sam mudflaps.


Problems Might Just Be Your Best Asset: $8.99 (FREE SHIPPING!)


Hey Mom, Look at What We Can Do with This Internet Thing Official T-Shirt: $4.99

Did you know that you can print out pictures off of the internet? Did you know that you can also print out things and copy them over to a t-shirt? Did I just give out their secret plan for money-making? Try itallicized fonts with the latest “animal doing funny thing” picture with a caption that almost sums up what nobody was thinking while looking at the picture!

Did you know all of these great things are completely possible to do with “desktop computers”?

Actually I’m kidding, you can’t do any of that stuff.


Kids Shows Are Great! Let’s Make It Popular for All of the Stoners Out There with Our Tech-Savvy: $11.99

Man I love weed. I also love smoking weed while typing about smoking weed on the internet with my other fellows who also smoke weed while talking about it online. Don’t you wish more things smoked weed, even things that can’t even smoke weed? Check this out, “dudes.” You know that “Sponge Bobby”? Well he’s smoking weed now!!! SMOKING WEED! FONTS!

Buy all of these now and get your name edged into stone outside of their local offices in between two lemonade stands!

7 Responses to “T-Shirts That Make the World a Better Place”

  1. Desrtruction-Overdrive Says:

    Do you accept paypal?

  2. We do actually. Paypal addy is “awesomeinsanetshirts@paypal.co.uk”

  3. Destruction-Overdrive Says:


  4. jadeavinir Says:

    Very funny Site!

  5. Destruction-Overdrive Says:

    Did you get my payment?

  6. Yeah, things are a bit on the down low but we are shipping SOON.

  7. Hey! This is my first comment here so I just wanted
    to give a quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading your posts.
    Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same topics?

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