Cornshaq Presents Play It Through Uncut – Snake’s Revenge (NES)

Mentioned back about a week ago, the Metal Gear games are simply phenomial, even the ones that aren’t canonical or based on a game storyline at all. This is “Snake’s Revenge,” released in North America and Europe in the early ’90s. The catch about this game? It bares no resemblance or likeness to the Metal Gear franchise at all aside from namesake. Sure, Kojima says it’s “Metal Gear” for the most part in how it plays, so he doesn’t believe his work got misinterpreted completely. He did give them permission to use his character in any way they wanted to, so it’s not like Konami did a crime against creative rights.

This game, however, did inspire him to create a true sequel for the MSX2, entitled Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, which made its first North American playable appearance on the “Subsistence” special edition of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater in 2006. Sharing absolutely no similarities in design to Snake’s Revenge — a game made for the Western world in mind — the game is actually pretty good if you can look aside from the obvious problems.

Cornshaq will cover most of it, but I mean the gameplay is pretty cool, the music is good… just why is Solid Snake wearing red?! He’s wearing green on the cover, even! In fact… why is everybody in the game wearing red?

I really don’t think wearing red camo in a very green jungle, with a very blue office building is exactly the right technique for espionage.

Either way, redness aside — coming this week is a brand new Internet Greats, and coming very soon is another TFE exclusive Cornshaq play through. Stick around with us and you’ll be rewarded in your efforts of clicking on a bookmark with new, fresh entertainment.


One Response to “Cornshaq Presents Play It Through Uncut – Snake’s Revenge (NES)”

  1. Wow! that video brought me some good memories, I had a nintendo like that (omg I am old) and I remember when you had to blow the game to clean it, it’s funny

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