Unused Campaigns – John McCain

Throughout the many elections for public office that are held, there are tons of ad-campaigns that ultimately don’t make it to the light of day; every campaign that is made up is for the purpose of targeting a certain voting group, but sometimes it just fails in some way.

With the this year’s upcoming presidential election getting so much attention, the voter turn out is expected to be very high in November, so the Obama and McCain camps are trying everything to get as many votes from each demographic as they can. It is no doubt that there are still people working massively hard in dark dungeons somewhere to secure the presidency to the republicans again. But with a surging Obama in the polls, McCain is going to need to pull out all stops from his Navy hat.

Here a few of the McCain’s campaigns mishaps that were leaked. Take a look at the grand jury of these amazing campaigning ideas…

This is one of the first images that was put together for the new alliance between the republicans and the WWE. Seeing as it is a big business and owned by rich white people, it was only common sense for the McCain team to shoot for the young audience of the WWE!

In the end, the idea fell through when the wrestler Kane announced he was a strong Ron Paul supporter and wouldn’t come along with the idea even if it was impossible for Paul to get the nomination of the republican party. John McCain offered Kane a steel cage match with anybody he so desired if McCain got his support, but Kane declined and tombstoned Pete Rose instead.

While discouraged about the opportunity to maybe gain some more in the 18-35 voting block from Obama, the McCain supporters moved on because there is still a lot time to brainwash the young and impressionable voters to his ideological beliefs.

Right now another pitch to get to the young vote is at the first stages of production. Around the time of the Republican National Convention in early September, the video game McCain and Lynch 2: Dead Election will be released in hopes to gain more of those newly-prized voters. The game is based around a high power Halliburton merchant marine squad that is defending the freedom of high powered business in Iraq during the current U.S. led occupation. In the game, the players will have to base every decision of how they lead their squad by the outcome that is reflected on the Halliburton corporation. Side quests include “Oil Exploration,” “Democracy Builder” and “Waterboarding the Tigris River.” Ubisoft is pretty statisfied with the results of their work.

Another campaign that was in development was the Citizen McCain ads. Its primary focus was to secure the “old” vote, but in the end it failed because it confused the older people more than helping the voting polls because the target group was so old, they couldn’t even remember the movie that they were trying to allude to.

But, much like the young vote, the old vote is pretty much fixed in — only this time, the vote will go heavily in McCain’s favor because he is old, white and (semi) conservative.

The McCain camp is already planning a tour of the big churches all across the US to solidify the voting block. The strategy might seem flawed because he wouldn’t be directly pitching towards the country and suburban areas of the country, but all he will need to do is talk about a flag burning ban, abortion and second amendment rights a week before the election in November. That alone will be more than enough to secure their support.

Who knows what else will be uncovered in the coming months? We are still about 5 months away from the election date, so there is plenty of time for every push to be made for the McCain team to come out top and continue the “patriotic” level that the Bush White House has grown the country accustomed to.


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