Limbo of the Lost Levels: A Travesty in Plagiarism

A wise man once said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that’s a philosophy anyone can stand by, it’s these guys. In case you haven’t heard, a small developer by the name of Majestic Games released a 2.5D point and click adventure game called Limbo of the Lost. Majestic’s scope was to immerse the player in a original storyline with original gameplay and original presentation…

Okay, so none of what was mentioned is true. If anything, Limbo can be considered a “homage” to other great adventure games like Oblivion. If your definition of homage is to extract other game’s assets by consistently pressing the print screen key furiously every time you see a piece of scenery that meshes well within the original story arc of Limbo. Look, lazy programming is lazy programming period but this raises the bar — no, it takes the bar and beats it over your head until you suffer from a brain bleed, of lazy programming.

So a crack team of TFE commandos (wearing nothing but orange spandex, of course) have set out and dissected the Limbo and have uncovered some shocking, never-before-seen beta levels from the game. Be warned though, some of the images you are about to see are disturbing and should not be viewed by anyone who is completely gullible to believe such nonsense.

Limbo of the LOL

In the true fashion of utter thievery, the first beta level we’ve uncovered was none other than Ubisoft’s TV series-turned-stinker, Lost: Via Domus. According to numerous text files and mission scripting, The story surrounding this level was that the main character gets sent back in time by a crazy Irishman to uncover secrets of a deserted island.

The “secret” in question is a flask filled with what it looks to be some radioactive goo. You’re supposed to take it back to the crazed Irishman so he could use it to defeat some wicked evil that inhabits his cabin. Afterwards, he thanks you and speaks about “seeing you in another life, brother.”

Okay dude, whatever.


This next level is sure to shock fans of the recently released Metal Gear Solid 4. Majestic wanted to inject some modern-age political commentary into their ORIGINAL storyline. So they took a couple screens from and Gamespot and built a level where you encounter a spy looking for a giant mech capable of destroying entire planets. It appears that this side story was so bizarre that Majestic scrapped it in favor of their ORIGINAL storyline.

Besides, the whole MGS series is so goddamn bizarre that even the ballsiest plagiarizer would think it’s a waste of time to even steal the basic concepts of it, and that’s why we love the Metal Gear series.

Speaking of bizarre, the rabbit hole goes down even further as we’ve uncovered a underwater level that was planned for the game.

Would you kindly stop stealing?

Yup, they couldn’t resist the beautiful art-decor that was BioShock. Instead of chasing after Little Sisters though, your task was to apparently find 5 hostages held captive by a steampunk wizard. However, there is a twist to this outcome: After rescuing the hostages, you find out that the wizard is your twin brother, separated at birth and that this was all just a ruse to get you into his underwater paradise because he had severe separation anxiety.

Oh, and the 5 hostages you saved? Yeah, they turn into giant ass grizzly bears. You can’t make this stuff up — no really, you can’t.

Unfortunately, no grizzly bears we’re found in this next, partially made level ripped from images of Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto IV. Because of the unfinished layout, there were gaps in the level, random lockups, and missing dialogue. No story arc was present but given the fact that Rockstar is tenacious for being the anti-thesis of press savvy and not releasing much prior to the game’s release is an indication that this level was an afterthought.

Ripping off that Special Someone

Personally, Niko Bellic driving a fake Escalade up into the main character’s deucehole would of been the highlight of this game period.

Now, the most bizarre unfinished level in the series. Out of all the medieval adventure games they could of ripped off, they had to choose one of the most unfitting pieces of entertainment to insert in the already mish -mash of unwarranted levels to begin with: NBA Live ’08.

Basketball? In my game?

Yes, you are not hallucinating or are your strained eyes playing tricks on you. Majestic drummed up a concept of fitting the player into a jersey and setting him on the court so he can play for the sake of saving mankind. I mean, look at him! He’s so out of place and the jersey doesn’t even fit with the players on the court!

I have to give Majestic points here though not because of the overall unorthodox nature of a basketball game in a fantasy-driven game, but because they give props to the Phoenix Suns. In one part, a big, messy CGI head of Steve Nash appears to narrate you through the basics of playing. He even called you a “willy nilly fagmeister” if you couldn’t get it right the first time. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a screen of that due to the game crashing for the umpteenth time whenever his head was fully rendered.

Sorry Nash fans!

This last one shouldn’t come to no surprise to anyone. A portion of Assassin’s Creed was used in order to convey a story about the main character’s past. I am not too sure what exactly happens as a portion of the dialogue was corrupted but general consensus dictates that Majestic had plans of letting you play as the main character’s ancestors through different periods of time.

Like the GTAIV level, this was only partially done as well. The only place you could go was to this plank. Any further and the game would crash, restart your computer, and delete all 20 gigs of your asian porn. Either this was sheer coincidence mandated by my own karma, or a cheeky programmer at Majestic thought it would be hilarious to input malware into an unfinished piece of coding.

There were more levels planned to be ripped from other games including Resident Evil but none of them booted up when we tried them. Perhaps an epiphany hit the developers at Majestic that maybe the business in thievery wasn’t a morally conscious way to go. Even then, the game still hit shelves until their publisher, Tri Synergy, became aware of their shenanigans and pulled remaining copies off shelves.

Like those raggedy 80’s porno/faux snuff films on VHS that everyone and their grandmother wants to see due to sheer morbid curiosity, this piece of digital crap will be a cult hit. Becoming the main motivation of sellers to sell discarded copies of Limbo on eBay and Craigslist for an obtuse amount of money…

Of course, you could always just steal the damn thing off of BitTorrent. :)


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