Bad Sports – Runnin’ Rebel Against the Machine

(Flashback to the Washington Huskies post)

Ah the University of Nevada-Las Vegas Athletics, commonly known for their 1990 basketball team with Larry Johnson, back when they were literally unstoppable. Not unlike a certain NBA team that needs to be nameless, and no I won’t get over that recent loss.

Anyways, their football program recently unveiled some new-look uniforms and it’s not so good. Weird looking huh? This will be a rant, so I apologize in advance.

To me, UNLV is a red/white/maybe black school, not red and silver! Where the fuck did the silver come from? Was silver the only color let in their pallet or did they enjoy creating a color clash from hell? The combination is just damn ugly and it rears its ugly head upon all who bare the uniform of the unholy. I say every uniform in existence needs shiny silver everything to add gloss and effect.

Come on, plus the helmet is silver too, and I don’t know why! WHAT IS GOING ON? It should either be white or red, in my opinion. They are completing losing their minds. Well, at the very least, the uniform doesn’t have that “we-are-trendy” piping design from the armpit to the neck anywhere.

P.S. The player in the photo looks like he saw his best friend walking into a pole.


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