Cornshaq Presents Play It Through Uncut – Metal Gear (NES)

So it’s come down to this: a long-stretch without any major, exclusive TFE updates. As Pyro has made you guys aware, we all took little vacations — but now we’re back (well, I am anyway!). I say we come back in style, to celebrate the summer and for all those Celtics fans rejoicing over their 17th title, I say that we all watch Cornshaq play through Metal Gear on the NES. (?!)

I’m not so sure why either. Maybe because MGS4 hype is still prevalent and MG is one of the finest game franchises in the history? That’ll work because it’s not only topical, but because it’s old-fashioned truth. Enjoy the complete run of the game uncut as you can expect from our partnership!

Released as a port in late 1987, everyone knows the deal with the NES-rendition of the MSX classic Metal Gear. All the way down from the homages to popular action films to the unfolding of an epic, film-like story that most people were still new to at the time of high scores versus alien ships.

The original game was released earlier in 1987 on the Japanese MSX computer/console. The NES version is a little bit different in terms of environments, level design, music, characters and the development of the story, but the basics are there in top form. This is no Snake’s Revenge in terms of a storyline being canonical (but interestingly, Kojima claims to like the game despite no involvement).

While not the truest form of the game, the Nintendo version of Metal Gear is the version most people have played and are most familiar with. A true classic game that will never be forgotten. Thus earning its way into many top game lists, including “Most Likely to Misspell Common Words” in the yearbook.


2 Responses to “Cornshaq Presents Play It Through Uncut – Metal Gear (NES)”

  1. Destruction-Overdrive Says:

    That was great to watch especially since I’ve played all the MGS games just last year and more recent;y MGS4. I missed out on MG When I was a kid.(And still havne’t palyed them. Im not cool enough for retro gaming. Playing MGS1 is retro enough for me.) But back then I wouldn’t have appreciated the story and the creativity what with me being stupid. (As kids are.)

  2. Luigi84289 Says:

    Decent port but very easy. The MSX one is so much harder. And taking out Metal Gear was just a ridiculously horrible decision. Can’t even imagine why they did that.

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