NBAGATE: The Controversy, the Movie

In July of 2007, the long-standing suspicions of much of the NBA’s fans were confirmed when a league referee (Tim Donaghy) was finally brought out into the open as being under investigation for effecting the outcome of select NBA games.

The initial information that was released showed Donaghy as being under the grip of the mafia for the reasons why he was doing what he was doing by reffing the games with a biased intent. But since then, Donaghy has been very outspoken about the league and how apparently corrupt it is at its current state. His allegations are broad, from league officials telling referees to give special treatment to star players, to now recently announced reports of actually helping a team win to extend a playoff series. A rigging, in other words.

The complete truth of the matter will likely never be fully known, as many powerful people are involved; but there is still the wonders of cinema and cynical storytelling! So thus —

This Summer, Hatch Entertainment proudly presents, NBAGATE: The Movie! The first exclusive details and plot overview is just a click away.

Michael Emerson, recently famous for his portrayal of Benjamin Linus in the television show LOST, will star as Tim Donaghy, an NBA referee who has connections to the mob.

The film takes place in Brooklyn, New York during Donaghy’s last few days of being an anonymous influence on the league. Filled with drugs, hookers (a shitload of hookers) and violence, this flick will show the world a totally accurate recreation of power struggle between the NBA, the Mob and the FBI.

Joined with Emerson will be a fellow LOST actor Terry O’Quinn (with hair), who will play the happy-go-lucky and goofy version of the NBA Commissioner, David Stern.

As the film begins, we see Stern and Donaghy in a secret restaurant meeting in which they discuss how to properly cover-up their scandal. As Donaghy is leaving a restaurant, he is confronted and picked up by force and thrown into a limo by the mob boss, who is played by George W. Bush.

The mob boss informs Donaghy that the FBI is onto their operation to effect the outcomes on NBA games, and that if he doesn’t take action to fix the situation, his family will be murdered and he will be forced to be the mob boss’ new slave. Oh no!

The FBI had gotten a tip off on the cover-up when a disgruntled ex-coach of the league, Jeff Van Gundy, comes forward with some important information. Van Gundy, played by Jim Carrey, is brought on to be an undercover agent to hunt down Donaghy.

Van Gundy had recently been involved in a playoff series where his team was seemingly treated unfairly by the referees. Out of his wrath for vengeance, he is determined to catch and bring Donaghy to justice.

After being dropped off at his mansion that is convincingly similar to Wayne Manor, Donaghy is confronted in his office by Van Gundy, who gives him until the morning to turn himself into the FBI. Out of fear of the potential to go to prison, Donaghy goes into hiding in a nearby Russian community as the film turns into a cat and mouse flick where Stern, Mob Boss and the Van Gundy must fight each other in an attempt to get to Donaghy first.

Donaghy’s life turns into one full of drugs and sex as he starts binging with cocaine, alcohol and hookers in the Russian hub. One night while listening to music, Donaghy hires a cheap hooker who incidentally turns out to be Stern’s sister, who tips off Stern on Donaghy’s location. Oh no (again)!

In addition to those events, the mob boss and Van Gundy have secretly and stereotypically teamed up together. They listen into the conversation between the hooker and Stern to get the location of Donaghy. The final act is launched into action with a chase to get to Donaghy first. The film ends in a Michael Bay-type ending where we see the most epic shootout in a film about NBA referees ever.

This film noir has the style and brains of The Departed along with the action of Shoot ‘Em Up. Look for it to be out August 29th in theaters across the nation, and playing at screens on the sides of houses worldwide! I sure can’t wait.

Other Cast:

Early still shots:

Michael Emerson protraying Tim Donaghy

Terry O’Quinn as David Stern

Jim Carrey as Jeff Van Gundy

2 Responses to “NBAGATE: The Controversy, the Movie”

  1. Wise words from another Farber.

  2. Destruction_Overdrive Says:

    “Oh no (again)!”
    “and stereotypically teamed up together”

    /\ Lol’d

    Reminds me of a bit Conan O’brien does.

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