The Internet Greats – “ALF Forum” Part 2

6/3/08 – “ALF Forum” Part 2

All good things must come to an end; unfortunately for us, an ALF forum is not a good thing. So, for now we have to endure one more look inside what many can consider a cult among cults, ALF forum members.

Part 1 demonstrated the general scope of the community, but herein lies Part 2, where the perspective is going to be looking at a special case:

Be prepared.

Well there goes all of my ideas. I had a great idea involving ALF being involved with a Yakuza crime ring for the sequel, too.


Please send all donations to


You know those forum games where one person says a paragraph or sentence, and the next person continues that sentence with one of their own to tell a story?

Well there is no way we’re going to be looking at all 89 posts about ALF fans exchanging secret satanic verses to eachother, so here are some highlights:

Looks like someone has been abused by his parents who happened to have been wearing Miami Vice t-shirts at the time.



If only it could have actually been the end. I wonder if these people think that writing about ALF skateboarding or going to file taxes is not only stupid, but is very stupid.



You know things are getting tough when one of your own starts finding the flaws in the venting about your own problems in life being expressed via ALF fan fiction. Maybe we will find some more positive ALF adventures like, “ALF goes skipping in a garden,” or “ALF finds bag of weed.”

I seriously have no idea what the idea of good-natured ALF fun is for these guys, and really I think that caring is beyond unnecessary at this point.

Since you took that so well, here’s some bonus, non-fanfic posts left out of Part 1!


Sorry to burst your bubble, but ALF is not going to be seen doing anything at all.


I was going to say something, but I’m just going to let these three posts take care of it on its own.


If these guys are lucky, Boom Mic Operator #3 might show up.


It’s good to see that ALF has fans (5 people) that are completely normal and able to discuss their fandom in a positive way that isn’t at all humiliating… right?


2 Responses to “The Internet Greats – “ALF Forum” Part 2”

  1. Destrcution-Overdrive Says:

    Well done.

  2. LW Smith Says:

    There’s some good stuff on this site, but these two articles of yours really were under the typical standard of writing. You tried too hard to make it funny…an ALF forum? Surely you can find a funnier target…

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