The Internet Greats – “ALF Forum” Part 1

5/27/08 – “ALF Forum” Part 1

If one thing is for sure, it’s for damn sure that ALF fans are crazy sons of bitches. I wish I could make up some of these posts up, but it just goes to continue the stereotype that the internet is mostly a collective of obsessive people without any clue at how stupid they are.

I don’t really want to insult all of the ALF fans out there (hello?) but I can say for sure that I am liking him a whole lot less than I used to, seeing how if you visit an ALF fan forum you will never look at the furry alien critter the same way ever again; these people at are not normal.

Say for example you laugh at a joke on the show, you then come to realization that you found something humorous that these people found funny. It makes your skin kind of crawl. Don’t believe me? Well, after you read this article you are definitely going to find some more things in common with me.

There’s too much ALF forum to handle in just one article. Soon enough I’ll finish it with part two, but this is more than enough ALF posts to satisfy an entire galaxies worth of ALF.


I should probably give some criteria before we begin. This forum has, at the moment, 114 users. Okay so, that’s not too bad, right?

Well it is when you consider that out of these 114 users, that only like 5 people post regularly. So, before long you are going to be like, “Ha! That’s my ‘Admin’!” or “ALFsince86 is such a cool dude, he gave me a ride to the airport once!”

Let’s take a moment just to remember that, 5 minutes ago, you had no idea this place existed and you were much better off as a person not knowing about it.

The moment is up, time to go to work. The cult of ALF has arrived!

This is much worse than when “She Spies” stopped coming on at 5 in the morning on NBC!


Garfield has home court advantage and Odie on the sidelines. ALF? Nothing.


The New York Islanders are looking for talent, and it just so happens the GM of the franchise posts on this forum.


Just read this and tell me that he wasn’t bullied in school.




Yeah, it’s “Admin” again and he is proving that he needs an ALF garbage can to go into his ALF-themed party pavilion that he paid for in ALF DVDs and plush dolls. This is what the American economy would be if George Washington were a fan of ALF.


Lots of truth in this post. Well, the sky is blue and ALF is no longer on TV!


Are you sure you aren’t seeing things?!


“Admin” has never deceived us before, why would we ever think otherwise?


Just look at this avatar: the portrait of the typical ALF forum goer.


Do you think these people dream about movies being redone and recast with ALF as the starring role? Just imagine ALF in Remember the Titans. Actually, no, don’t. You’d be just like them.


Congrats! About 85 percent of the forum is you talking about ALF ice cream bars.

… or maybe it’s these that gave you that post count:


… for next time.


4 Responses to “The Internet Greats – “ALF Forum” Part 1”

  1. Destruction-Overdrive Says:

    ALFsince86 posts with excellent grammar.

  2. […] Part 1 demonstrated the general scope of the community, but herein lies Part 2, where the perspective is going to be looking at a special case: […]

  3. […] worthy to be entitled as a true Internet Great. This edition is a welcome back from the vile ALF forum and is back to shape. Did you long for these days again? No more posts about ALF dropping soap any […]

  4. kolikovaa Says:

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