Cornshaq Presents: Play It Through Uncut – Demon Sword (TFE Exclusive)

The first official exclusive episode done for the Full Effect, Cornshaq takes you through the NES not-really-a-classic-but-good-nonetheless game Demon Sword. Developed by Taito in 1989, it’s a fairly short and fast paced action game that is typical of the genre. The game today is still regarded as a pretty fun game of the time that just didn’t get much press behind it, simply because it just didn’t stand out. Be that as it may, but action games of the NES era were usually the best when they tried to keep things simple.

Demon Sword has a plot that you’d expect from a game entitled “Demon Sword,so if you like attacking demons with swords, you just might like this game. Vague enough? I’m keeping the synopsis brief so you can get the full experience from his video.

Hopefully you all will enjoy his play through and stick around on the site for what we all have to offer! Cornshaq’s pink DS not included.

One Response to “Cornshaq Presents: Play It Through Uncut – Demon Sword (TFE Exclusive)”

  1. Luigi84289 Says:

    I rather like this game. Good job getting through it with one health. You are the best person at this game that I’ve ever seen.

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