Unexpected Song Lyrics

Sometimes when we are listening to music, what the artist says or “means” isn’t always what is processed by our brains. I’ve taken some of my favorite lyrical fluffs and edited out of the original sound source for everyone to listen to some of the most misheard and unexplained lyrics that… just don’t make any sense.

Listen to these sound clips and try to figure out what is being said, and then see if your ears hear the same as I do with these commonly and uncommonly, misheard lyrics! You won’t listen to these songs the same way ever again.

1. Panama by Van Halen; from the album “1984.” Click here to listen

The lyrics are/supposed to be “Hot shoe, burnin’ down the avenue,” but instead of “hot shoe,” to it sounds like “hot Jew.”

Either way, it just works in the end. David Lee Roth is Jewish and no doubt would be happy to see a hot Jew, burnin’ down the avenue.


2. Liberate by Slipknot; from the album “Slipknot.” Click here to listen

This one is very easy to hear. In fact, it’s actually a bit of a joke on the internet. The first time I heard this song, I seriously swore he was saying “Liberate… BANANAS!”

I sat there over and over listening to it trying to figure it out, but the initial thought of mine wouldn’t get out of my mind! I finally had to get on the internet and find the real lyrics, because nobody knows what it really is, even Corey Taylor himself.

Turns out the real lyric is “liberate my madness,” but I think liberating bananas is a more preferable action.


3. Jerry Springer by “Weird Al” Yankovic; from the album “Running with Scissors.” Click here to listen

Now when I first got the CD that this song is on, ‘Running with Scissors,’ I truly believed that he was saying “monster fucking drag queen,” and quiet frankly, I still think thats what it is.

Think about it, as Bart Simpson says, no one expects the butterfly to do anything bad. It’s a perfect opportunity for family friendly Weird Al to put something out there that is dirty as hell. The ‘supposed’ lyric is “Unsuspecting drag queen” but my theory stands. I mean, just listen to it. It can’t be denied.


4. Skin O’ My Teeth by Megadeth; from the album “Countdown to Extinction.” Click here to listen

In case you didn’t read the whole Dave Mustaine/Anna Nicole theory, well here you go!

Yeah, yeah, it really is just the last few sentences or so, but I just wanted to make you read it; Long story short, it really does sound like he’s saying PEANUT BUTTER IN THE GUTTER.


5. Suicide Messiah by Black Label Society; from the album “Mafia.” Click here to listen

The lyrics are/supposed to be “bow down, you’ve chose your maker,” but it’s a universal fact that it is actually “bow down to Joe Jamaica”!

The funny part about the clip is, they actually do say ‘Joe Jamaica’ sometimes live. True story, it was told by Nick Catanese, one of the guitarists in the band. I can’t listen to the song anymore without having that play in my head, despite the fact that when they recorded it, it was really ‘chose your maker.’ The backstory is someone came up to Zakk and said “I like the song… but who is Joe Jamaica?”

Needless to say, that’s how the whole inside joke started when playing it live.


6. New Religion by Black Label Society; from the album “Shot to Hell.” Click here to listen

This song has basically an identical backstory as the lyric line in “Suicide Messiah”: It’s actually “my new religion is new, new, new.” But, they sing it live sometimes singing “my new religion is Jew (Jew… Jew… Jew… Jew.)

It’s pretty funny, and besides, I’ve always wanted a reason to yell “JEWWWW!!!!” at a concert. There’s a whole lot of “JEW” in this article.


7. Highway to Hell by AC/DC; from the album “Highway to Hell.” Click here to listen

All right, I saved this one for last because I can’t explain it. The lyrics say it’s: ‘season ticket on a one way ride’ but god damn it, It sounds like something else. Let me explain before you let your imagination run wild with it; Bon must have been completely drunk while singing this song lyric.

I don’t know which is funnier, the fact that it actually sounds like ‘season nigger on a one way ride,’ or them printing up the lyrics with something that isn’t even close to what it’s supposed to be. The least they could have done was freakin’ tried to figure out another word that would fit in there, you know, a word that is close to the “‘iga” sound he is making.

Actually, I like the ability to joke on it and it should stay exactly the way it is.


So there you go; I hope I have corrupted these songs for you and now every time to listen to it! Whether you didn’t hear it before or not, you will hear these misheard and unexpected lyrics!


7 Responses to “Unexpected Song Lyrics”

  1. Stephen S. Says:

    Very humorous list. It’s fun how we can trick our brains to hear different things than what is really there. (Hate to be a downer, but I can hear them all both ways, even ticket on that last one.)

    Awesome list. (But how do you NOT hear “unsuspecting drag queen”?)

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Haha… I love “Panama,” but I’ve never thought he was saying “Hot Jew.” I could see how that would be preferable, though. I’m sure my Jewish friends would agree!

  3. Stebendroth Says:

    Nice article.
    But I agree with Stephen S.
    I don’t really think I could ever confuse “unsuspecting” with “monster fucking”.

  4. Sounds just like “Monster Fucking Drag Queen” to me.

  5. pyrohazard Says:

    I tried liberating some bananas from Joe Jamaica once. The dude was a total prick.

  6. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Declaimer.

  7. […] this song was also featured on the first edition of unexpected song lyrics; Listen here to hear him yell about liberating […]

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