why Cliff Blenisski is F’n AWESOME!!!!!

Cliff the big red dog LOL

just look at that F’n mug!!!he probably gets so much fuckin’ Tang that the ppl who make the tang drink should like….make a bleszinksi flavor. YEA!

Not only that butttttt he makes a f’n awesome games too!!! like gears of war.Its gory as F*CK so thats why my dad doesnt let me play it but mmom and dad are total facists sooooo fuck ’em! Hehehehe..

i even worte a essay about ppl who influence me in my writing class and i wrote it about cliff becuz he makes games and som,eday i want to be makeing games too! mine are going to be f’n aweosme….theyre going to have nukelear missle launchers and TITS. tits are F’n awesome too!!!!!!!!

Gears 2 is going to rec sum shit. a lot better than f*cking gta4. no jetpacks u have to got 2 be kidding me dude……so f*ckin gay.

but yeah…Gears 2 is goin’ to f’n PWnnnnnnn like flys on hot sh!t. locust meat sheilds are going to be fun when i blast sKrubs across the f**cken map with my Shotty Snipe Skills. best believe “i am just legs” you d*ck!!!(he’s some fag i met on gears, he’s pretty gay w/ tork bow….) sh*ttttttt, wouldnt it be awesome if cliff was a big red f*ckoff dog that shoots lasers and fought brumacks? (an enema in gears for the ignorant…) HE WOULD BE THE PERFECT ENDBOSS FOR GEARS 2, F*CK MAN!!!!!

SOoooo this has been my 1st post on teh Full Effect, plz send me comets!!! also no fagging up the coments either ‘cuz steven will jus delete them….


im out, peaCe.


(btw pyrohazard Stop f*cking up my tags u fag!!!_)


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