Watch Out for Snakes!

What’s Web Wednesday without hilarious, !!!-inspiring clips? This one is from a classic Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode over the legendary terrible movie Eegah. Apparently they forgot to cut out the directors voice command in the final version of the movie, or it’s actually mysterious ghost that tells people to watch out for snakes! Who was it for sure who gave out the helpful advice? We will never know.

Either way, I’m satisfied.


4 Responses to “Watch Out for Snakes!”

  1. Watch out for faulty editing software!

  2. Schzimmy RipRab Says:

    I just don’t understand how someone can miss this when editing a movie.

  3. lolspic Says:

    playin bass

  4. Stebendroth Says:

    Haha wow. How do you know someone didn’t just edit that into the video as a joke?

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