Play It Through Uncut – Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (GB)

Cornshaq’s first Game Boy play through is one that many can’t argue with, Super Mario Land 2. While not made by the original creator of the Mario NES games, Shigeru Miyamoto, it’s a great addition to the franchise. This ‘Play It Through’ is nearly an hour long, showing that this was one the lengthier Game Boy games ever released.

The Mario “Land” series of games spawned numerous sequels, but the second of the franchise is generally seen as the best. Interestingly enough, this game featured the first appearance of Wario, and the sequels in the series after the second ended up becoming “Wario Land,” thus cementing Wario’s legacy into the Nintendo character gallery.

The games in the “Mario Land” series took the Mario games to a whole new level: New enemies, new power-ups, environments and more. So the plot is a little different than what you’d find on the original games. Whether or not these elements remain canonical to the “official” games is not fully recognized, as only a few parts of the game appear in later sequels.

Regardless, the game is a best-seller for Nintendo and if anything, made them more comfortable in lending over their franchise characters to other people to work on…

Phillips CD-i “Nintendo games”? Well, just try to forget those.


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  1. I do not believe this

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