Username: 666 (What’s It Like to Be a Heretic?)

Okay, so maybe this won’t tickle your fancy if you’re looking for something amusing to watch but since it’s Web Wednesday, I thought i’d share this very cool short film (or an artistic rendition) of what it looks like when Lucifer’s YouTube account possesses your PC.

Either that or Vista crashed. I am guessing the latter.


2 Responses to “Username: 666 (What’s It Like to Be a Heretic?)”

  1. I wanna shoot whever made that site with a shotgun loaded with salt and garlic and iron. The fricking satanic bastard is a nerd and a nolifer, the maker of that video should go fuck himself and make out with satan

  2. he was making a horror movie…bsed in youtube,based around the suspended account 666,and horror art is what this best at…and this is great proof.

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