Concert Mouth Off: Ozzfest ’08

Ozzfest 2008
August 9th @ Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, TX

After rumors for the last 3 months, it’s finally announced. If you think about it, Ozzfest has seen so many changes the last few years. In 2004, they had an epic lineup of Ozzy, Judas Priest and Slayer. In ’05 there was the whole Iron Maiden fiasco. In ’06, you had the first year where Ozzy didn’t play all the shows. ’07 was the year of shows with free tickets (which people still bitch at). And now, we are up to a one-day event with two of my favorite bands ever headlining it all: OZZY AND METALLICA. In basically my backyard no less…

First of all, If you want entertainment you can go to any message board (or listen to yourself if you are one of those bitchers) and you will find people griping it up because the show won’t be around them; It’s really quite entertaining.

You have people complaining “why is it in Texas?” and at the same time, they want to make it look like they don’t care by saying “meh, horrible bands anyway” which is idiotic in itself considering the epicness of the lineup, which is revealed after the jump of this ‘Mouth Off’ rant, including more detailed information about the show itself!

From all the complaints from like, everyone, about it being in Texas only, there are also the people yelling about it being only one date by saying stuff like, “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO YOUR LOYAL FANS?!” First off, Ozzy/Sharon don’t owe you shit. And sure, I bitched myself two years ago when Ozzfest didn’t even come here, but know what? I packed my ass up and drove to San Antonio for the show. Ozzy didn’t even come to Dallas last Fall with a show I would have LOVED to see. Rob Zombie and Ozzy? I would have been there. The fact it wasn’t here was a let down, but I didn’t complain. So if anything, Ozzy is making it up to the fans in Dallas with this show.

There are also people complaining about it being in Dallas because it would be too hot. Give me damn break. I’ve went to 4 Ozzfests in Texas and “suffered” through it. If you can’t deal with it then don’t go. However though, the venue IS an open-air one so there won’t be any protection from the sun until it goes down… that’s a downer, but in the end, I don’t care and things could be worse.

To capitalize on the complaints of it being in one location and not a tour-format, I don’t see how it is TOO surprising they would pick Dallas, TX.

  • First off, Dallas is a top market in the country and has strong music roots.
  • Secondly, it’s relatively in the middle of the country so its equal access to both coasts for the people that can afford the travel. When you are doing only one show, it’s impossible to make it fair for everyone. There were probably 10 different places that would have been adequate for the show, and they chose Dallas for whatever reason. Dallas just got lucky, and it’s good to see someone besides LA and NY getting a big show.
  • And third, it’s Dimebags’ home, which makes the tribute that is planned for him even greater.

Main Stage

OZZY OSBOURNE- Ozzy and Zakk? I’m freaking there. It will be Ozzy’s first show in months, so his voice will be possibly-coherent and rested up. Last year at Ozzfest, his voice was weak and cracking, but overall I don’t give a shit about it. As long as he is up on the stage and Zakkary is next to him rippin’, I don’t care and nobody else should too much.

METALLICA- I’ve been waiting 9 years to see Metallica, and it’s finally going to happen. It’s very nice of them to not demand the headlining spot.

SERJ TANKIAN- Well, meh. Don’t care much about him solo. Maybe they will do some good SOAD songs or some shit. He is better to have than like, a thousand other bands for support though.


JONATHAN DAVIS- Okay, WTF. Seriously. Why not just sign KoRn up? It better just be Davis with new guitars and drums because I hope he isn’t planning on doing an accustic set at freakin’ OZZFEST. We will see I guess, but either way It’s kind of like the Serj Tankian situation. He is better then most, but his spot could be filled with someone better…………. Lacuna Coil anyone? :D :D :D

CAVALERA CONSPIRACY- Never heard of them, so, moving along!

SHADOWS FALL- YEAH, YEAH. This band is one of the underrated metal acts out there today. The vocals rule, their rhythm and lead guitars rule. The drums freakin’ rule, too — even if they use the bass drum too much. It’s a winning situation.

APOCALYPTICA- Cellos at Ozzfest? All right, I can deal with it. I mean I like the band, but I never thought they would be on Ozzfest; definitely will be interesting to say the least.

IN THIS MOMENT- Don’t care.

All-Star Tribute to “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott- Now this has potential. I’m not really sure what it is, but I can pick what I’d do for it:

My lineup for it would be- Zakk Wylde and Jonathan Danais (Shadows Fall) playing guitar, Chad from Mudvayne doing vocals, probably Rob Truijllo doing bass and Vinnie Paul back to doing Pantera songs on drums. Maybe they will bring up Rex from Pantera and surprise anyone? I know for damn sure Phil won’t be up there. And if he was, I’d be completely shocked…

I’ve wanted this shit for a while.

For the second stage, I don’t listen to any of the bands. Sevendust is a good live band, I’ve been to a show where they were one of the openers, but I really don’t know much about them. I don’t even know if I will go see them because I’ll be waiting to get into the pit and set up shop.

Then there is a third stage: The ‘Texas Stage.’ Pretty good idea given the one-city exclusivity to the show I guess, but the only band I’ve heard/seen is Drowning Pool, and sorry but they died a while ago (bad joke, sorry). One of the bands is named Goatwhore, though.

This stage could be a good way to get some smaller, local bands a time to shine and get their name out, which will be nice.

But anyway, I’m sure all the bands will at least be decent. In the end, like some other things that could be complained about, I just don’t care. The tickets go on sale May 31st, if you are close enough or want to make the trip to go. I just hope tickets don’t cost like, 500 dollars. If I had to guess, it will be 140 for the pit, 85 for reserved seating. That price is worth bitching at, but I’ll swallow and suck it up.

One thing really is kind of annoying though, the logo:

Thanks for the stereotype fulfillment.

Anyway, I have to go feed my horses. Yeehaw.

For more about the show this year, and in previous years, check out the official Ozzfest website.

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  1. A little FYI,

    My favorite band Primus’ guitarist Larry Lalonde is playing with Serj Tankian, I think. He toured with him in 2007, and also played supporting slots for the Foo Fighters.

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