The Internet Greats

What do most Hall of Fames have in common? A unity of elite in some field. Whether it’s sports, intellect or contributions to life and living, Hall of Fames are there to signify greatness and give memorandum for those who deserve it.

… Until this came along. The Internet Greats are here for the gallery of those who need to be recognized for all the wrong reasons. No specific categories are given name or mention, but all of the following are 100% real and undoctored images taken from various sources on the internet.

Chat rooms, message boards or even just fragments of websites themselves are going to be screencapped and showcased here to be ushered into their new-found fame, their ‘Internet Greats’ status. The first batch of inductees are…

Before we get going I want to get something straight, this segment is by no means intending to rip-off the excellent article series on the website Something Awful, the Weekend Web. Rather it is more of an inspiration and upheld truth that one site alone cannot contain all the stupidity that is found on the internet.

Now that you know this isn’t supposed to compete with the Weekend Web, rather be its own entity, we can get things going. Within each batch of Internet Greats inductees, you know there is going to be some “at least I’m not that guy!” self-esteem boosts. So if you are feeling down or looking for a way back up to yourself again, be sure to check out the following, you might just feel like skipping and whistling to work. Keep in mind, before we begin, these are bound to have vulgar language and sexual nature.

Congratulations “mexicanguy”! You are officially the first ever Internet Great! I think his reward should be finding all the girls the wear thong. I think this one sets a good pace for what is to come of the galleries.

Yeah, but Bono Ovi is my favorite band, by far.

Hi, Ben!


Panic_WingZero asks the questions that are on everyone’s mind.

Once again, none of these pictures are edited at all. There is nothing I can say about this list of video game ROMs that can beat the following image:

Goddamit! He’s got me there.

Let’s get back to some chat rooms…

This is your standard, run-of-the-mill chat crowd, STFUandRIDE_bmx is the most honest of the group, while T-0-0-L is in his school’s anime club. I’m not sure about the rest, but I think Sir_Frederick is likely a prince somewhere, and SpukiJuggalette871 is probably a movie star.


I want to hear his views on the election.

She’s waiting!

He’s kind of a big deal.

Parents today just don’t understand.

… Maybe they don’t understand because of Rocker_dude_16 setting the bar so high.


Coming very soon, more Internet Greats will be acknowledged!


3 Responses to “The Internet Greats”

  1. pyrohazard Says:

    smokin’ bowls b4 i hed out 2 the on my GuNZZZZ and get fuckwild with all the hot Bitches at the high school……

  2. id totally smoke out that nycdude, fuckin’ lightwieght………

  3. zakkarywylde Says:

    Ich liebe Schildkröten.

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