Cornshaq Presents Play It Through Uncut – Micro Machines (NES)

Another weekend come and gone, most of the you probably aren’t even on this site on Sundays, let alone wanting to do anything other than lounge around, right? Well nothing to worry about, because Cornshaq has prepped up another uncut Play It Through you can watch before starting the week cycle anew.

The game is Micro Machines (developed by Codemasters) and as you might have guessed, it is based on the miniature toy cars of the same name. This isn’t just a car racing game, as you can use boats and other racing vehicles against AI that wasn’t exactly the most honorable. As surprising as it may sound, Micro Machines actually released many games throughout the life of consoles. In fact, they have been present in nearly every major console up to the PS2 and Nintendo DS.

The most notable thing about this game was the variety and amount of tracks; how cool is it to race on gigantic kitchen tables? Sure the cars were small, but these goddam tables are huge.

So can we expect a new Micro Machines game in the future, say on the 360 or PS3? Probably not, since the toys are essentially dead now, and because the oddly-similar “Mad Tracks” on Xbox Live Arcade was a total disaster and utter disappointment.


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