Scorpion Flower: Epic or Cheesy?

I got into the Portuguese metal band Moonspell ever since I saw their 2003 video, “Everything Invaded” from their The Antidote album. The video itself was badass, but the music was even more badassier… yeah. So it came to no surprise that I downloaded bought some of their discography which included their debut Wolfheart album and Memorial. The latter got a shitload of buzz and even won an award or two.

Their latest album, Night Eternal, is fantastic and I must say I like it more than Memorial. Sure, It’s got the stereotypical Satan and brood themes that come from any type of gothic/black metal band but the overall atmosphere and menacing vocals have me like a vice grip. They even released a video for “Scorpion Flower,” one of the tracks from the album. I have to be honest, I am conflicted as to whether it’s epic or incredibly cheesy. A friend of mine said it was “epically cheesy.” You decide after the jump…

I mean, look at it! It’s got CGI churches and a scorpion on a cross. How awesomely epic is that? Okay, so maybe the thematics of Fernando standing atop a oddly-shaped plateau wearing a top hat are a little over the top but the ridiculousness of it all paradoxically makes it incredibly epic.

Ah well, the song is fucking brilliant and so is the overall album. Go check it out!


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