Things That Wouldn’t Be Funny if Not for the Internet

Oh this “internet” thing. The things it can bring to us are staggering; and it’s not just about the next awkwardly posed cat becoming of legendary internet status (how’s that for a rank?). It’s also about the things that aren’t actually funny, but become funny. Get it?

Well, think about it. The wide world of internet humor has branched off into its own subgenre of comedy and ever since the turn of the new century, words and terms now are invented from the internet itself! There’s a whole dictionary of terms originated from internet use that are used in common speak and widely accepted. It’s the nature of the field, once something gets really popular and becomes a new lifestyle trend, new things are going to come from it.

But that is neither here nor there, as the point of this article is simple: two things that are likely to be funny for internet aficionados (another excellent rank), but maybe not for the everyman.

What category do you fall in? Click the page jump!

This one is a little baffling, who notices license plates? By number laws alone we know that there is a near infinite amount of possible hilarity to come from the blurb of text on it, so if more people noticed them, they’d be talked about more. Get what I’m sayin’?

Anyway, this is one of those things that is extremely awesome and funny if it wasn’t on purpose, but if it was on purpose and someone thought they’d be “cool” to do it, then I really think I want to redo this article without showing this off. I’m going to go all-in and assume that the driver of this car is a grandma in her 70s to make myself feel better about the inclusion of this.

What’s next?

What was once an innocent Blockbuster rental shelf titling, now becomes a stacking list and trophy case for those victimized by ownage. Trust me, once you see this shelf-imagery showcased like this, you’ll never look at these things the same way ever again.

Which video game is at top of the “Ownage Case'”? Send us an email or drop us a comment if you know. Because I sure as hell don’t! If you can somehow tell what it is by the labeling, then you have gotten really lucky on your answer.

Will there be more in the future? You bet.

The site has been a little slow recently, thank that to the entire staff being busy with upcoming finals week and a fixation on GTA IV. It’ll get back up to speed eventually. Even if it doesn’t, later this week I’m doing another Blunders of Humankind, a two part epic that many will likely disagree with. Enticed yet? You should be!


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