The Future Looks Pretty Interesting Now That We Can Have Pizza ANYWHERE

So this is where our future of reliant, ease of technology is going. Pizza vending machines.

Has anybody ever really wanted this? I know continent I am about not having pizza vending machines, but hey. Whatever the public wants!

Apparently this is a major entry into the genre of the pizza on-the-go concepts. It has actually been done in the most popular “pizza popular” markets such as Chicago and New York, with local or no-name brands getting in on this idea. This is from popular frozen pizza brand Tombstone, ready to make your pizza in less than 2 minutes (wow!!). I hope this machine doesn’t malfunction and explode with hot cheese.

Priced at about 5 dollars per pizza, this is pretty new technology, but who knows when (or if) this technology will ever make its way mainstream and inevitably into dollar stores nationwide, with Pizza Hut getting its very own knockoff brother, Pizza Pavilion. Papa John’s might not be safe either. Enter: Papa Shawn’s.

With DVD rental booths having “vending” machines, the old reliable drink machines and now pizza machines. That is basically a weekend right there, and it’s no further than a trip to a grocery store entrance. Technology!


One Response to “The Future Looks Pretty Interesting Now That We Can Have Pizza ANYWHERE”

  1. For us and for many other pizza aficionados, it’s the human touch as much as anything else that makes pizza worth eating. If this ever gets to New York (and it might – We never thought we’d see a Pizza Hut in NYC either) I will try it but only to review it for, not because I expect it to be worthwhile.

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