Play It Through Uncut – Fester’s Quest (NES)

So here we are again, another uncut edition of Cornshaq’s very own “Play It Through.” What is up this time around? Fester’s Quest.

What’s the deal with this game? Well, it’s hard to say without really confusing you guys. You know Uncle Fester from the show ‘The Addams Family’? Well, take that crazy old man and throw him in a top-down view shooting the hell out of invading space aliens.

I’m not kidding or anything, you really do play as Uncle Fester as you blast away (reappearing) space aliens. That’s the gist of the game anyway, there’s some weird 3D levels that are essentially pointless, some item collecting, stuff like that. But for the most part, this is a constant shooter that is the appropriate length for the game of the genre.

This game really isn’t a classic by any means, in fact, it is pretty much universally panned by gamers, including a great review here by the Angry Video Game Nerd himself. The game might have a lot of flaws that bring it down, but at the very least, the notable thing about this game is its soundtrack. As with most Sunsoft games, the music is awesome and makes the game about 10x better than it actually is. It’s also interesting to note that this game plays very similar in the top-down gameplay mechanic as Blaster Master, which was developed by the same company, Sunsoft.

Sunsoft might not have made a game in a long time, but they really have made their fair share of classic titles, such as Journey to Silius, the Blaster Master series, Clocktower and even a hand at the Myst games. Unfortunately, Fester’s Quest does not fall into these categories of prestige, but goddammit, they made this.

Which is weirder, a bunch of Addams Family games, or a video game over the Jackass TV series? I don’t know, man. Either way, enjoy. We’ll get back to routinely updates in a short while, we’re pretty much all college students here so we have a bit of work to do before our finals hit in a few weeks.

The second part to ‘Unreleased Video Games’ will be out before the end of this week, so look out for that!


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