The Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton Democratic ‘Stale’mate

As much as I have followed and have been entertained by this presidential election cycle, there is one thing that is disheartening to me. When it’s all said and done, well over a billion dollars will have been spent by candidates just to be elected.

Hell, the mark is already at or just below a billion and we are basically in a confirmed stale mate!

Look at this and see the amount that is being spent in just the last month alone! Seems like a lot of people are willing to give up 50 dollars a month from their paycheck to, in their opinion, make the country better. Why not raise taxes on them and make the country better that way, instead of wasting it on TV ads? With all the money being taken away from our domestic funding because of the way, we could use all that we could get.

Tomorrow is the Pennsylvania primary and unless Clinton wins with a 80 to 20 split (not going to happen) there isn’t going to be much change in the overall delegate and popular vote lead of Obama’s.

I doubt it will go all the way to the convention in late August, but unless Obama wins Pennsylvania (unlikely) and North Carolina (likely), I don’t see Clinton bowing out until June at the earliest, which is around the end of the primary season. The only way to end this madness is for Obama to win out the last states and get her to back down.

Her only argument right now is she has the ability to win the big states… but when it comes down to it, the same people that voted for her are going to vote for him in the general election anyway because they are basically the same; they agree on everything in princible. The only major campaign issues right now are the typical background issues. The typical “he said this…” and “she said that…” So, ut’s all worthless and it isn’t worth the money to boot.

Here is some boring information:

Obama has a hefty lead in pledged delegates, the popular vote and states won. The only reason Clinton remains in the race is because she has a technicality on her side. The chances of Obama reaching the mark of 2,024 total delegates (pledged and superdelegates) before June is small. Obama needs about 400 more delegates before he can cross the barrier and there are about 900 left up for grabs in the remaining states, which are spread out over the next few months.

So basically, no progress will be truly made for a while because the differential in delegates awarded for each primary is so minimal, it really has no effect on the delegate spread between Obama and Clinton, which is about 160 or so now.

Okay, back to the main topic. Money!

You got around one billion dollars spent/raised over the last 15 months, give or take some. I agree that this election cycle is important because of the direction of the country is needing to be changed in many aspects, but 1 billion seems a little excessive considering how much can be done with that money. It’s all sent by volunteers, yeah, but in the end, Obama and Clinton ARE NOT THAT DIFFERENT.

Does anyone else see an injustice towards the people that are truly at need? The economy is in a horrid place and we are spending millions of dollars a day on TV ads for the candidates. Some recession. Clinton isn’t the only cultrate, Obama is actually outspending her greatly and he has the lead! That isn’t too unbelievable because he is receiving the most donations. It’s really similar to religion really, which ALSO isn’t too unbelievable because Obama is Jesus Christ. I guess America is so used to giving their money to a prophet to be advertised that they don’t care anymore. I’d bring up the whole “separation of church and state” but that shit was thrown out a long time ago.

As of right now, nothing is really going to change. There are probably only about 10% of the vote that are undecided/willing to change their vote. This margin works overwhelmingly towards Obama because of his huge lead. Right now Clinton is just riding her ego and coming up with new speeches to stay in the race and continuing to have her followers waste their money.

Save your money for the gas tank, but eh, that’s just my advice. If you want to throw your money at millionaires, go on ahead. I ain’t going to say anything about their policies, but remember, this person WILL be president during 2012. Pick wisely.


2 Responses to “The Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton Democratic ‘Stale’mate”

  1. xanthippa Says:

    Instead of thinking of it as ‘candidates SPENDING money’, think of it as ‘money flowing from the rich elites into the overall economy’. ‘Trickle down economy’, and all that… Same thing, but makes one feel WAY better.

    Question: IF Obama wins the Presidency, will the USA become an ‘OBAMA-NATION’????

  2. It has definitely crossed my mind what an extraordinary waste of money it is. On the other hand, it’s hope that maybe individuals can wrestle control of this country from special interest groups back to the people. As for xanthippa, most of Obama’s donations are $200 and under but I suspect you weren’t really interested in fact. Obama’s donors are hardly elitists.

    This war has been extremely profitable to some. Biofuels like ethanol make the cost of food higher, but bring in extreme profits to agro-business. The Christian Right has profited enormously by providing abstinence education programs. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. So, the small amount that I’ve given to Obama, well I think it was worth every penny.

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