Stupidest Idea Ever – He IS Serious and WILL Blow His Brains Off

In a “viral video hit,” this kid is apparently on a vengeful vendetta. We’re reporting this fairly late, but it’s hilarious enough that it just doesn’t matter when it’s posted. The link is a repost from the original video, the kid himself likely got his account suspended (as the original is nowhere to be found at this time), but luckily thanks to the internet, it can just be known that everything awesome is backed up at least 100 times. Credit to anon8787 for the re-upload.

His plan, his brilliant work will soon be unleashed, watch out America. A cold-blooded killer is possible on the loose. HE’S NOT BULLSHITTIN’ WIT ‘CHU AMERICA RIGHT NOW. He’s gonna do some thangs. When? … Unknown.

What is to come on the site later this week? … Unknown.

Actually, after you watch this video, you can be ready to check out an article over the election, the continuation of the top secret unreleased video games, another Bad Sports and more to come on the site throughout the week.

EDIT: Looks like it got taken down, again. Man, no sense of humor at all for those YouTube folk. Someone else will re-upload it at some time, however. Keep an eye out.


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