Play It Through Uncut – Bases Loaded (NES)

Double baseball posts now mount the front page. With Major League Baseball’s opening pitches now unwinding, the contender teams and the perennial losers (Rangers) are already starting to show up on the radars. Is your team looking forward to next season already or are they looking like they can have a claim on the World Series? We won’t know for sure until October, but for now, Cornshaq plays through an all-time classic baseball game, Jaleco’s very own “Bases Loaded.”

Produced in Japan and released in 1988, this game brought on some extremely innovative changes to the typical baseball game engine in the games of that era, many of which are still found in baseball games today. The “TV presentation” was what set this game apart from others on the system and still has a devout fan following even today, 20 years later. This is the game that baseball sim players turned to. Just listen to that sound the bat makes.

While it doesn’t have the official MLBPA license for use of real players like Tengen’s RBI Baseball (but with generic teams, which it shares in likeness to Bases Loaded which was released in the same year). It does, however, have some major advantages over the RBI Baseball, particularly shining in the gameplay, presentation and graphics department. The players even have individual stats! Play Nintendo’s very own “Baseball” and compare it to Bases Loaded to see what a major difference it makes.

Don’t worry, you’ll see an uncut play through of RBI Baseball, as well as a very strange (read: “very Japanese”) baseball game in the upcoming weeks, but for now, sit back and enjoy one of the finest hardball games ever released.

In site news, PyroHazard is going on a personal vacation, so give him a little break from site duties, eh?

I don’t even have to say anything about that angry cornhusk with the bat and eye black-looking-mustache. Pure greatness.


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