Unreleased Video Games

I got some secret intel to share with you guys; real top secret stuff. I got the heads up on some video games that were due out, but for some reason or another, got canceled. Whether it was being too offensive or simply just failed to generate enough hype to justify the publication and marketing of the game.

Starting things off, back in the simpler days of video games, nobody had gripes about lack of true 1080p support, patches or DLC. People had to stick these things and other flaws out and bare with it because advanced technology like that just didn’t exist at the time. Either a game ruled or it sucked was how it usually went.

These games, unfortunately, never saw the light of day… and that is a real shame.

Heightened in complete controversy, I Wore Metal ‘N the Biggest Storm of My Town’s History (And Lived to Tell the Tale) has origins far surpassing the namesake. Being based upon the major lightning storms of the late ’80s (in Dublin, Ireland) was enough to get parents and those affected by the deadly storms to ban this game before the gameplay was even coded. The storyline involved medieval history teacher Arthur Murray going back in time to prevent the storms from even happening in a butterfly effect sort of storyline. VERY unique for the time.

Stopping the behemoth creatures and Goolonk the Overseer from ever thinking of moving that lever that put the training wheels on the great Dublin storm that took the lives of hundreds of kids who happened to be flying kites at that hour.

Sucks, this game sounded awesome. Little known fact, this game actually was what implanted the idea of a video game ratings board in the minds of the government.

Flash back a few years and you get this unreleased gem from Acclaim. It’s hard to see why this one didn’t make it. The real threat of the game wasn’t the mutants, rather the inconveniently placed holes throughout the levels. See a hole? Jump it! 50 points.

Rumor has it, an arcade in Bosnia actually has one of the five arcade cabinet versions of this game.

This game has a crude history, IREM Corporation modeled this game from the Donkey Kong gameplay engine and made it especially for it Ku Klux Klan meetings. Nintendo had a reputation to not harbor this type of game and the project was quickly abandoned and only existed on the black market until the police confiscated all of the copies, no questions asked. The developers had high expectations for this “in your face” type of game to fit the crowd of white supremacists. They even planned for a sequel according to my file here. I just don’t know about this one.

I can only show so many of these at this time, but let’s end on a good note, shall we?

Back in the day, games based for the growing youth was really popular. Reader Rabbit, Kid Pix, all of these were great for growing young children to learn and enjoy their time doing that.

Activision took a different route and went for the army brats audience. While intended for release to cover all children, this game was meant especially for the children of those in the military and thus never got a chance to get a true release and was kept exclusive for a small crowd at the time.

Lots of good stuff here in this game for kids. The “Foxhole Spelling Bee” was my favorite that I played on the beta release. Aside from that, it has lots of great things about it, like printable coloring sheets of guns, paper mache crafts, “Where’s Patton?” and other countless ways to cater to growing and maturing minds!

More to come in the following week, I might have saved the best for last!

5 Responses to “Unreleased Video Games”

  1. Destruction-Overdrive Says:

    Wow, a game from the 80s that actually have a good plot. And Trailer Parkin’ Hatecrimes! My bother would have loved that game. Very cool stuff, where did you find these?

  2. Very pleased you enjoyed the games, I would have loved to played these myself.

    I got them from my top secret source, sorry I can’t reveal much else about it.

  3. Destruction-Overdrive Says:

    top secret, eh? hmm, now even more so intriguing. we’ll, i look foward to more

  4. I’ll post up the others from the top secret vault in a little less than a week.

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