Bad Sports – Detroit Tigers

Poor Detroit Tigers, a franchise with a lot of bad luck. Most recently becoming almost-World Series champions by losing to the St. Louis Cardinals, and less recently, almost breaking the MLB’s record of worst season record of all-time by one game. All less than 10 years apart!

Adding on to the teams god awful start to the 2008 MLB regular season, I give you a very bad imprint of history, a few best-be-forgotten Detroit Tigers logos. Including a logo that is so horrifying and demented (and soulless), as well as one of my favorite horrible-looking logos. My good friend (and site admin/writer) PyroHazard said “What the fuck is that?!” when he saw it, and that’s something, I think.

But now, see this?

That’s the current logo of the Detroit Tigers, and its an all-time classic among baseball fans. (No Yankee.) One thing the Detroit Tigers should try to do, though, is to put effort into a new Tigers logo that fits the team. Throughout 1994 up until 2005, they used this logo below as their primary:

I don’t know about this, it’s not bad really, but I can say it’s better than their logo long before this, which I like to call “THE PSYCHOTIC MOTHERFUCKER.”

Click the jump for it and some things you’ll soon never forget.


Believe it or not, but they used this as their primary logo for over 30 years!! From the ’60s to the ’90s, this logo existed, somehow.

Nothing left to say than hasn’t been said already. Do you think that’s bad? It can’t get much worse than this, right? Right?

Get ready though for something that is so horrible and outrageous that it might make you bleed internally.

Now presenting to you fine TFE readers, the 1927 Detroit Tigers logo!

Holy crap!!!

It’s like the damn thing has Down Syndrome, walked into his house and saw his Tigress being banged by another tiger, forming this horrible face you see here! The guy is in deep emotional pain, just look at the face! It turns out he committed suicide a year later (1928) for a good reason, thus the team reverted back to the calligraphed D emblem. What a neat history lesson.

Coming up next in Bad Sports is something, I don’t even know, just wait and see. (???????)

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