Play It Through Uncut – Bucky O’Hare (NES)

Anybody remember the Bucky O’Hare series? Yes? No?

No matter what you answered to (probably ‘no’), rest assure we got you covered with this brief synopsis by yours truly: A green rabbit and his space crew friends take on a team of ravenous toads across the galaxy. That about covers it.

The series spanned from the original source material comic books in the late ’70s to a brief cartoon series (which is what most people remember of the series) and finally to action figure lines (I had a lot of them), so despite the run of the aforementioned cartoon series lasting less than a full year, the show was a hit to kids, talking animals and space combat was all the rage back then.

The video game came out by Konami after the cartoon series has run its course and is, surprisingly, pretty good. Licensed games were never really good from the start, but this one has its share of good things about it and fun gameplay to boot, it’s never too easy, and it’s never too hard.

Cornshaq takes us through this forgotten gem of the pile of licensed video games.

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