Play It Through Uncut – 8 Eyes (NES)

8 Eyes, one of the original Nintendo’s most underappreciated titles. Was it a Castlevania clone? Maybe, but that isn’t a bad thing. Cornshaq guides you through the game, so even if you want to know about it, but you have no time to PLAY it, he has you covered, again!

Developed by now-defunct Japanese gaming company “Thinking Rabbit,” the game was pretty innovative despite looking, sounding and feeling just like Castlevania.

Set in a post-apocalyptic future, you play as Orin, a falconer with his loyal falcon companion, Cutrus. What do you do? Well you go to 8 different stages based in different places around the world — such as Egypt, Africa and Spain as you collect jewels (the “8 Eyes,” which were formed at at the centers of nuclear explosions) and be sure that these jewels do not fall into the wrong hands, as they hold many powers that the Great King and his evil supporters want.

This is one of Corn’s favorite play throughs he’s done, so we’ll bring it to you uncut and complete like you’ve come to expect from TFE.

If you’re wondering about the Open Mic (and the site in general) — we’re brainstorming about some new ideas, features and content we can set the show to be like, we’ll post up the latest episode when we’re done (likely this week) as well as announce the typical release dates for it, it’ll likely be posted every Saturday, as planned as normal. Keep a look out!


One Response to “Play It Through Uncut – 8 Eyes (NES)”

  1. Wow, man. You’re really good. I played 8 eyes like crazy when I was little, but I’m nowhere NEAR that good. I always screw up timing in pretty much all respects. One thing though. The bird’s name is Cutrus not Curtis. I don’t know why but that drives me nuts.

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