Blunders of Humankind – Volume 1

This goes without saying and without need of any introduction – humans are responsible for some screwed up stuff.

Just give it a brief thought. In between all the great and influential discoveries and inventions such as electricity, air conditioners, television, indoor plumbing and the A-Team comes 13 different nose hair removal devices, Kidz Bop and underwear organizers. The fact is, some discoveries should be left undiscovered. Want some proof? Well I got it for you right here on this very first edition of Blunders of Humankind.

Click the jump for the amazing entry to the soon-to-be growing gallery of the miserable.

If you think it over, mankind has brought on plagues of war, disease, illnesses and countless other irreversible damages. It’s unfortunate but a part of life, nobody is at fault.

That is, until this…


That’s right, right now you can watch visions of tranquility of fireplaces… ON YOUR HD DVD PLAYER!! That HDTV is on fire.

HD is the way to go for optimal viewing experience. It’s also the optimal way to spend time at home… watching an HD fireplace.

Not only is this a bargain within itself, you can also watch it on STANDARD DVD PLAYERS TOO! This is the type of thing that game shows give out as consolation prizes to the first batch of losers on the show.

Disappointed HD DVD is an abandoned format that lost the format war versus Blu-ray? Well, in the end, at least you can cuddle up with your significant other, and watch some fireplaces burn away — right on your HDTV in Fireplace: Visions of Tranquility in the mostly aptly titled disc since “First Person Shooter: The Video Game” came out.

See, HDscape has the right idea. Watching nature in high definition is a great concept, they even have some aquatic videos out, but I don’t think fireplaces are nature. Might as well have Soccer Stadium: Visions of Dead Space and Shattered Dreams. Sorry Beckham, you need to try just a little harder.

What’s next for the blunders for humankind? Let’s hope it doesn’t involve penguins in some home economics device!


I take that back, this thing is awesome.

When you see more TV commercials advertising something that looks worthless — I’ll be there. Until next time, folks.

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