TFE Gamercard!

You heard it right, folks. The kind souls of MyGen have introduced a program to create your own gamercard. Sounds awesome, right? Now you can make your own gamercard to essentially pimp out your blog site to the unwilling public! *ahem*

I have taken the liberty to do just that and came up with this abomination masterpiece. Remember, you can only get this gamercard here on the Full Effect and on MyGen. Show it to your friends, foes, spouses, and all of those surburban gangstas on your MySpace friends list and be the talk of the town!

Instructions: Register your gamertag on and follow the instructions given to you.

Afterwards, click on the gamercard above and go to the gamercard’s profile, copy the URLs given to you that correspond with where your posting it. Make sure you put your Xbox Live gamertag in the “INSERT-GAMERTAG” sections in the URL.

This will only work if your gamertag is registered and validated on the MyGen website but hey, least you can wear the TFE insignia proudly!

Expect a new movie review from me soon and a new Open Mic this Saturday!


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