Are You Ready for Some Predator?

Enjoy April Fools? Sure you did! It may not be the last you hear of the legends of internet hacking and its leader, “n3m3cy5t.”

Now, enjoy the greatest 15 second intro of all-time to start off Web Wednesday with a (screeching) bang!

Credit to pitu23 for his pure insanity of showcasing Predator toys. Ahh yeah. Somehow this continues for over 5 minutes; he just doesn’t let up. Give this man his due, or at least, some water. I’d say give him both.

Where IS Danny Glover?

Coming up later today, Cornshaq did his own April Fools prank, and you can catch it right here (belated) on TFE!


One Response to “Are You Ready for Some Predator?”

  1. Oh snap!!!!! almost a year late but Thanks for posting the vid!! I do get crazy when i get new preds!! lololol

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