Play It Through Uncut – Mega Man 4 (NES)

And then there were none, the final of Cornshaq’s Mega Man Madness Month play throughs, capping it all off with what many feel is the last “real” Mega Man game, Mega Man 4. This is about where Capcom started to hit a wall when it came to originality with the “Blue Bomber” himself. God, I hate calling him that. Anyway, after this one many people felt like Capcom was no longer extending full effort to the game and relied on what many game developers find in milking a franchise character.

By the early ’90s, most gamers have heard of Mega Man, and many of them probably wanted nothing to do with him any longer, or at least wanted them to work more on the quality of the games themselves. Capcom knew this, and only made more Mega Man games a year! Don’t get us wrong, no Mega Man game in the numeric series is completely terrible (Mega Man Soccer need not apply), but when a company is still making yearly editions of a franchise like Mega Man, they know that they don’t have to try extremely hard to get it to sell. Name value is worth a lot, that is why Capcom is still in business after Mega Man XNZX-9: Extreme Card Battle Prophecies.

Mega Man 4 is known as being the longest of the original 4 (they just keep getting longer and longer, don’t they?) So, once more for the last time in the month of March, grab like, 8 drinks and settle down for a movie-length play through for one of the most well-crafted, if not repetitive game series of all time, Mega Man, in Mega Man 4.


If you want a way to play these games outside of a Virtual Console release, you definitely need to check out the Mega Man Anniversary Collection. It collects Mega Man 1-8 and comes with some nice bonuses too. I own this collection and it’s one I pick up to play at least a few times a year, still. The ports of these games are of great quality and it’s available on all three of last generations consoles – the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube. Mega Man X also had one of these collections, but I don’t think anybody wants that. All right, fine, right here.

What’s next for Corn’s latest videos? What are some of the games to expect next? You’ll just have to keep checking back on TFE to find out! If you have any requests for him, feel free to leave them here, he’ll see ’em.

Sorry about the lack of an Open Mic last week, but soon we’ll be back in full-form with quite possibly the longest, most entertaining and refined episodes yet! Coming Saturday.

One day before April Fools’…


One Response to “Play It Through Uncut – Mega Man 4 (NES)”

  1. Wow. As a kid, Mega Man 4 was the only NES Mega Man I ever beat, and I never even knew the balloon item existed.

    Chalk me up as someone who would like to see how you get it and how it looks. It looked like it was required to get an energy tank in one of those Cossack stages.

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