The Mortal Kombat Video of All Mortal Kombat Videos

I’ve been addicted to Mortal Kombat ever since I downloaded Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 off the Xbox Live Marketplace about a month ago, I believe. Ever since then, I’ve been doing everything, playing the past games, watching YouTube vids, reading character bios, insulting Kurtis Stryker, and waiting for one of Sheeva’s breasts to fall out accidentally because god dammit theres no way they can stay in her clothing with all that fighting, er…

Anyways! I was on YouTube and I found the video for Mortal Kombat. People make crappy videos with “Techno Syndrome” by the Immortals blaring, but it’s not good enough, no no, not after what you’re about to see here after the jump…

BlackScarletLove sat down and spent over 350 hours on this. It contains over 11 hours of Mortal Kombat footage from the first installment all the way to Trilogy! I want to fucking congratulate this person because this is awesome, and I don’t even think Midway would do this. We should have him on Open Mic or something, cause this is seriously badass!

Also a reminder to tune into the site daily for spectacular content that will make your retinas orgasm!


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