Game Music Appreciation Theater: “Best of the Rest – Mega Man 3 and 4″

Another Mega Man update for this month of “Mega Madness.” Cornshaq posts another exclusive for TFE, his top soundtrack picks from both NES classics, Mega Man 3 and 4. Hardcore fans might react with decadence to the exclusion of their personal favorite songs from these games, but keep in mind there’s always his other favorites from both of the games as well, these are just the ones that didn’t make the original cut. Your favorite still isn’t on it? Whoops. Get back to your Jeremy Soule.

His Mega Man 4 uncut play through is coming to the site at the very end of March, so be ready to end off the final bit of Mega Man posts for a while. Whether you’ll be sobbing or rejoicing is clearly your choice. I don’t think any site is ready for a “Dr. Light December.”


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