Death of a Mavs Fan

Step aside Willy Loman… let me push the panic button.

Let’s see:

2006: Meltdowns in the finals.

2007: A first round playoff exit.

2008: … Not even in the playoffs?

Also, don’t forget the 4 or so years in front of those where they had failed miserably also, even if there weren’t any expectations on them from some of those years.

I’m having flashbacks to 2 years ago when the Mavs were thought to be the inevitable champions…

I’m having flashbacks to about this same time last year when a first round match-up with the Warriors WAS inevitable… yet then I knew that they would be booted out in the first round. I saw it coming, I knew that if there was one team that was going to beat us last year for sure, it would be the chaotic team of Don Nelson, the Mavs old coach. It wasn’t bad enough that I knew what was going to happen and it didn’t help that everyone jumped on the Mavs about losing to the “8th seed.” Hell, I remember GOING INTO THE MATCH-UP and everyone saying, “You know… the Warriors might just upset them, the Mavs don’t play well against them.” And guess what, after a few games everyone started laughing about them as if they didn’t think there was a chance of it happening.

I knew what was going to happen. Why? Because I’m a Mavs fan and when you’re a Mavs fan, you grow to expect the worst.

The state of the Mavs is as follows:

· Their best player is injured.

· They are older than shit.

· The only young prospect on their team that looks like they have a bright future is a 6’9″ guy that takes too many jump shots from the same place.

· They play Devon George too much.

· The coach and owner have been fighting.

· They have no draft picks.

  1. It isn’t Dirk’s fault that he injured his ankle and knee, but it is still a major factor in their chances of getting things together in the last 12 games of the season. I don’t know, maybe that’s what the Mavs need. Take their main core piece out and let the other people get use to Kidd more, but I doubt it will help very much when they are trying to just keep their heads above water.
  2. It doesn’t hurt to have an old team of right players, but you have to be able to actually win in current day or the window will close. They can’t afford to say, “Well we need an off season to get this together.” Again, it isn’t like they have very many options to make changes to their roster over the off season. When you add up their current starters (with Dirk) it is about 10 million above the salary cap alone. There isn’t much wiggle room in ANY department- trades or free agents.
  3. It isn’t bad for a good team to have a good roll player developing… but when you are so old it’s a bad sign of how fragile your future is. Brandon Bass has been really good for us this year, especially for the price that they are paying him, but they are going to need a lot more then him if they expect to have a decent bench next year. About half of their team is expiring contracts this year, which is good in some ways, but there is only so much you can do for your roster with the mid-level exception and the veteran minimum contracts.
  4. They brought over Antoine Wright in the trade with the Nets and they were actually playing, and he was playing well in the few games that he played during the time that George was injured. In fact, Mavs as a TEAM were even playing better then, but freaking George comes back and eats up a bunch of minutes while he jacks up terrible shots. Sure he plays okay defense, but freaking hell, stop the stupid point forward shit with him and tell him to not shoot unless no one is around him. Wright is the second youngest player on their active roster. He has the potential to be a good roll player next season. PLAY HIM.
  5. The Harris trade with the Nets was in my opinion the workings through pressure that Cuban put out. It’s kind of stupid if Avery gets fired because a trade didn’t work out, a trade that he probably didn’t want to happen in the first place. Either way, I don’t think Avery will be here next year. If they don’t make the playoffs, he is probably gone. The only way he stays is if they make the playoffs and at the very least get to a game 6 against the Lakers or Spurs. The Mavs when healthy should be able to beat all the other teams more then once. The only problem is, they are looking at a 7th or 8th seed, so they are likely to be matched up against the best in the west.
  6. This last point is the sum of the previous points. Their star player is injured, they are an old team that needs some good young-blood, they play the wrong roll players and their management is feuding between each other… oh, and they don’t have any good draft picks in the future. Again, as deep as the draft this year is, it is either a top 14 pick or nothing. New Jersey got their pick in the Harris trade. I don’t expect the Mavs to lose on purpose, but when I add up everything I unfortunately see that their best bet to have success is to take some good young talent and try to develop them into the system.

Sure whoever they pick might not give them anything in the end, but it’s better than getting booted out in the first round by the suns or Lakers and not having the chance at the draft this year. At least not making the playoffs would give the Mavs fans something to look forward to instead of:

“When is Avery going to get fired?”

“Are they going to trade Howard for someone old like they did to Harris?”

“Are they going to resign all their old players again a week before the season starts?”

Not a very positive set of questions to have your fans ask for 5 months. At least if they don’t make the playoffs, they won’t have any expectations next year, unless they are able to figure out how to fail in a new way.

With all that said, and as I begin to write more personally towards my thoughts instead of reasons, the Mavs probably get some of the worst flak from the media and hardcore fans. There is a reason for that, they find new ways to stink it up. It isn’t really annoying to hear the flack from the media; they get paid to shoot their mouths. Hell, I’m even giving them a bunch of shit and I’ve watched every game since I can remember, but when you got fans of other teams jumping on your team ALL THE TIME, it becomes so annoying that you actually want them to sink to the point where you don’t have to listen to it anymore from these people that try to define the team as over achievers when they win and underachievers when they lose.

Let’s be honest, I wouldn’t be typing this right now if Dirk didn’t get injured. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t already hoping for them to be out of the playoffs, though. I wanted it to happen before the injury for all of the same reasons; the only difference is, it might actually happen now.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love for the Mavs to pull together as a team and play great with Dirk out, then roll into the playoffs on a high note with him and play to their full potential in the playoffs like contenders, but at this point I doubt Dirk can take 2 weeks off, come back (probably not fully recovered, mind you) and expect them to become real competitors.

Overall, I need to also say that “Death of a Mavs Fan” doesn’t mean I’m going to stop being a fan, far from it. First of all, it is a pun towards a great play, secondly, the overall point of this is to elaborate on what would be the best for the team. Yeah, it’s a game, but whenever you have wanted your team to do well for so long, it’s a bit disheartening to see their downfall from so many tough breaks. So this doesn’t just apply towards the Mavericks, it can apply to any sports team that you might follow that has similar occurrences. I use to want the Mavs to prove everyone else wrong, but now I think its to the point where they need to prove their fans wrong.


3 Responses to “Death of a Mavs Fan”

  1. They knew i was here so i lit the building on fire, but that didnt stop them from figuring out my skils in tetris. OH GOD THE HORROR.

  2. Cornshaq Says:

    Great article, I am a big mavs fan as well this season has just gotten on my nerves and with Dirk out they may not make the play offs. They still have some tough games throughout the remaining schedule with the Lakers, Hornets, and Suns. I think they will still make it but I think making it past the first round is gonna be damn hard. I did not like the Kidd trade and ever since then it seems like they just can’t pull it together.

  3. manu, fab, finley, and the spurs are better. PERIOD!!

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