Game Music Appreciation Theater: “Best of the Rest – Mega Man 1 and 2”

Here it is, the big announcement as anticipated earlier by OafHamper, the Full Effect is proud to bring Cornshaq to the team. We’ll become the official home for his “Play It Through” and “Game Music Appreciation Theater” series of videos. You’ll still be able to watch them on his YouTube account as he will still continue to post them there, but he wants to bring us exclusive content just for the Full Effect as well as have us be the official home for his programs.

So here it is, the first bit of exclusive TFE content from cornshaq, the top 5 songs that didn’t quite make the cut on his favorite songs from Mega Man and Mega Man 2. Did yours make the list? Did you even have a list? Well, good thing he does!

Throughout the weeks to come (on selective dates), we’ll be posting up his content, both current, older and exclusive. Eventually we’ll have it all in an archival portion on the site for ease of watching and navigation.

Coming up tomorrow, the debut article from “i am just legs” himself, Karl; beginning his stint on TFE with the first in his weekly series, “RAW. Rinse. Repeat.”


4 Responses to “Game Music Appreciation Theater: “Best of the Rest – Mega Man 1 and 2””

  1. Hey Cornshaq! That Was Awesome And Im Glad To See That You Put In Metal Mans’s Theme For All Of Us Who Love It And This Was A Great Exclusive And Im Gonna Watch Your Uncut Megaman 2 Run As Well. Its So Awesome You Can Put Your Full Runs On This Cool Website!!!! There Is One Thing I Would Absolutely Die For And That Would Be A Way To DL Your Vids So I Can Format The Music Appreciation To MP3 And Rock It In My Car!!!! If You Know A Way And Its Okay With You Please Let Me Know!!! Awesome Site And Ill Stay Tuned To See Whats Ahead In The Future And Def Book Mark This Site!!! Long Live Good And Bad Classic Games And Game Music!!!

  2. Sweet! I love your vids! Since I watched your review on MM2, I’ve loved it! MM2 forever!

  3. whereartthou Says:

    What happened to Cornshaq and his videos?

  4. I closed the old account because I got mad at some stuff I opened a new one.

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