Listen Up Geeks (And Yes, This Includes Me…)

As if I didn’t have enough time to waste… Just a bit of news:

One of the best games from last year, Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, will have an expansion pack released in the fall of this year. Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria will build onto the huge playable world of Middle-earth in MMORPG (massively multiplayer online roleplaying game) format, so that as the title of the pack suggests, you can now explore the caves and ruins of the ancient world of the dwarves.

The expansion will have many features including a vast majority of new land, caves, cities and caverns to explore. In addition, character advancement is also included. The new level cap will be 60, which will be accompanied by more traits, skills and class quests.

(So thus, a bunch of new stuff to waste your time over for nothing.)

In addition there will be two new classes available to use: the ‘Rune-Keeper’ and the ‘Warden.’

Also, the player can now craft their own weapons and advance the legacy of them by creating a game play history with its use, ultimately building a heritage of their weapon.

To read more on the new game, an official website has been created:

For additional information, go to the main page for Lord of the Rings Online at


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